Ecclesiastical Latin

    coepi coeptus began, started
    odi hate
    vicis     f. turn, duty
  -al         SUFFIX -al; of a ~, pertaining to a ~, in a condition of ~, in a state of ~
  -ari         SUFFIX -er; -ist; dealer in thing, maker/artisan
  -ari         SUFFIX -arium, -ary; place where
  -at         SUFFIX -ate, -ship, the office of; official body (consul.atus = consulate, consulship)
  -at         SUFFIX -ed, having, having a, provided with; -able
-cido -cido 3 -cidere -cidi -cisus cut
  -clino 1 -clinare -clinavi -clinatus bend
  -do 3 -dere -didi -ditus to put
  -e         SUFFIX -ly; -ily        Converting ADJ to ADV
  -io         SUFFIX  -ing, -ion, -ery; indicates the action or result of the action of the verb
  -itas / -itat         SUFFIX -ity; -ness, makes abstract noun of quality or condition
  -iti-         SUFFIX change adj to noun: -ity, -ship, -ance, ility, ness
  -iv         SUFFIX -ive, -ed; having the passive tendency; having been …-ed
  -ne         (enclitic interrog. particle) used in sentence questions
  -ol         SUFFIX  little, small
  -os         SUFFIX -ous, -ose; -some, full of; prone to; rich in; abounding in
-pleo -pleo 2 -plere -plevi -pletus fill, complete
  -que         whoever it be; whatever; everything; and
  -tio         SUFFIX -ing, -ion, -ery
  -ul         SUFFIX little, small
  -ve         SUFFIX or if you will; or
  A         A
  a (ab abs)         (prep. + abl.) from, away from
  a         (prep. + abl.) by (the agency of)
  a longe         from afar, at a distance
  a sinistris         on the left
  a sursum usque deorsum         from top to bottom
eo abeo EO abire abivi (abii) abitus go away, leave
solvo absolvo 3 absolvere absolvi absolutus set free (from); absolve; finish
cedo accedo 3 accedere accessi accessus go to, approach
  accendo 3 accendere accendi accensus kindle, set on fire
  acceptabilis 3 C acceptabile     acceptable
  accerso 3 accersere accersivi accersitus summon; fetch, import; invite; invoke; bring on oneself
  arcesso 3 arcessere arcessivi acressitus summon; fetch, import; invite; invoke; bring on oneself
capio accipio 3-io accipere accepi acceptus take, get, receive
clamo acclamo 1 acclamare acclamavi acclamatus cry out, exclaim
  acclinis 3-i C accline     bowing; leaning/resting (on/against); sloping, inclined; disposed/inclined (to)
  accomodo 1 accomodare accomodavi accomodatus apply, fit, grant
  accuso 1 accusare accusavi accusatus accuse
  acer 3-i C acris acre   sharp, bitter, ardent
  acetum 2 N aceti     n. sour wine
  acquiro 3 acquirere acquisivi acquisitus acquire, get
  acquisitio 3 F acquisitionis     f. purchase, acquisition
  aculeus 2 M aculei     m. sting
  ad         (prep. + acc.) to, toward; for (the purpose for); at
  Adam 1 M Adae     m. Adam
aperio adaperio 3-io adaperere adaperui adapertus (ad + aperio) uncover, open, explain
augeo adaugeo 2 adaugere audauxi adauctus increase
dico addico 3 addicere addixi addictus adjudge, condemn
-do addo 3 addere addidi additus to give to, add
  adeo         to such a degree/pass/point; precisely, exactly; thus far; indeed, truly, even
eo adeo EO adire adivi (adii) aditus go to, approach
habeo adhibeo 2 adhibere adhibui adhibitus apply, employ
  adhuc         adv. so far, till now, still
-pleo adimpleo 2 adimplere adimplevi adimpletus fulfill
juvo adjuvo 1 adjuvare adjuvi adjutus help
miror admiror 1 D admirari admiratus sum wonder at, be amazed at
mitto admitto 3 admittere admisi admissus join, admit, allow, permit
orno adorno 1 adornare adornavi adornatus adorn
oro adoro 1 adorare adoravi adoratus worship, adore
esse adsum (assum) BE adesse affui adfuturus be present, arrive, appear; aid
  adulescens 3 M adulescentis     young; young man, youth
venio advenio 4 advenire adveni adventus come, arrive
  adventus 4 M adventus     m. coming, advent
  adversum OR adversus         adv. opposite, against, in opposite direction; in opposition; (w/ire go to meet)
  adversus 2 M adversi     adversary (noun)
  adversus         prep. (+acc.) against
  adversus 1/2 adversa adversum   opposite (adj)
volvo advolvo 3 advolvere advolvi advolutus roll to, roll across, prostrate oneself
  aedificium 2 N aedificii     building, structure
  aeger 1/2 aegra aegrum   sick
  Aegyptius 1/2 Aegyptia Aegyptium   Egyptian
  aemulus 2 M aemuli     m. rival
  aequus 1/2 aequa aequum   equal
  aestus 4 M aestus     m. heat
  aetas 3 F aetatis     f. time of life, age
  aeternus 1/2 aeterna aeternum   eternal
  affectus 4 M affectus     m. devotion, affection, sense
facio afficio 3-io afficere affeci affectus affect
firmo affirmo 1 affirmare affirmavi affirmatus prove, assert
  afflictus 1/2 afflicta afflictum   miserable, downcast
  ager 2 M agri     m. field, pl. country
gradior aggredior 3 D aggredi aggressus sum approach, attack, assail, undertake
grego aggrego 1 aggregare aggregavi aggregatus add to; join with
nosco agnosco 3 agnoscere agnovi agnitus know, acknowledge, recognize
  agnus 2 M agni     m. lamb
  ago 3 agere egi actus do, drive, conduct
  ait X       he says
  aiunt X       they say
  alapa 1 alapae     f. slap
  ales 3 C alitis     winged; bird
  alimentum 2 N alimenti alimentorum   n. food
  aliqui   aliqua aliquod   some, any
  aliquis   aliquid     someone, something, anyone, anything
  alius 1/2 alia aliud   other, another
  alleluja         (Hebrew, interjection) alleluia (cry of joy and praise)
levo allevo 1 allevare allevavi allevatus lighten, alleviate
ligo 1 alligo 1 alligare alligavi alligatus bind up, bind round
loquor alloquor 3 D alloqui allocutus sum speak to, address
  almus 1/2 alma almum   nourishing
  alo 3 alere alui altus (alitus) feed, nourish, support, maintain, develop
  altare 3-i altaris altarium   n. altar
  alte         highly,deeply
  alter 1/2 altera alterum   the other (of two), the second
  alteruter 1/2 alterutra alterutrum   one another, each other
  altus 1/2 alta altum   high, deep
  alvus 2 F alvi     f. belly, womb
  amarus 1/2 amara amarum   bitter
  ambigo 3 ambigere doubt, hesitate, argue
  ambo 1/2 # ambae ambo   both
  ambo (ambon) 3 ambonis     m. lectern, ambo
  ambulo 1 ambulare ambulavi ambulatus walk, take a walk; ‘live’
  amen         (Hebrew 1. indecl. adj.; 2. adv.) 1. amen, true! (word of affirmation) 2. truly
  amicio 4 amicire amicui/amixi amictus v. clothe, cover
  amictus 1/2 amicta amictum   clothed
  amicus 2 M amici     m. friend
mitto amitto 3 amittere amisi amissus send off, lose, dismiss
  amo 1 amare amavi amatus love
  amor 3 M amoris     m. love
  amplector 3 D amplecti amplexus sum embrace
  amplius         more
  amplus 1/2 ampla amplum   abundant, ample
puto amputo 1 amputare amputavi amputatus cut off
  an         or, can it be that, whether; (utrum … an / vel = whether … or); or; either
  anathematizo 1 anathematizare anathematizavi anathematizatus curse
  ancilla 1 F ancillae     f. maid, (female) servant
  angario 1 angariare angariavi angariatus press (into service), command; compel, constrain (eccl.)
  angelicus 1/2 angelica angelicum   angelic
  angelus 2 M angeli     m. messenger, angel
  anima 1 F animae     f. soul, life
  animosus 1/2 animosa animosum   living, lively
  animus 2 M animi     m. heart, mind, spirit
nuntio annuntio 1 annuntiare annuntiavi annuntiatus announce
  annus 2 M anni     m. year
  ante         adv. & prep. (+ acc.) before
cillo antecello 3 antecellere excel
  antequam         (subord. conj.) before
  antiquus 1/2 antiqua antiquum   old, ancient; (subst. pl.) ancients, forefathers
  antistes 3 M antistitis     m. bishop
  aperio 4 aperire aperui apertus open; explain
  aperte         clearly
  apis 3-i apis apium   f. bee
  apostolicus 1/2 apostolica apostolicum   apostolic
  apostolus 2 M apostoli     m. apostle
  appareo 2 apparere apparui apparitus appear, show forth
  appropinquo 1 appropinquare appropinquavi appropinquatus draw near, approach
  aptus 1/2 apta aptum   (+ dat. or ad + acc.) fitting, suitable, apt
  apud         (prep. + acc.) in the presence of, among, at the house of
  aqua 1 F aquae     f. water
  arbor 3 F arboris     f. tree
  arca 1 F arcae     f. ark, boat
  archangelus 2 M archangeli     m. archangel
  arctus 1/2 arcta arctum   narrow, confined
  ardeo 2 ardere arsi arsus burn, blaze
  arguo 3 arguere argui argutus argue, convict, expose
  aridus 1/2 arida aridum   dry
  arma 2 N pl. armorum     n. weapons (only pl.) sing. n. armor, shield
  ars 3 F artis artium   f. (practical) knowledge, art
  arundo 3 F arundinis     f. reed, cane
  arx 3 F arcis     f. stronghold, citadel, summit
  ascendo 3 ascendere ascendi ascensus go up, come up, ascend
  ascensio 3 F ascensionis     f. going up, ascension
spargo aspargo 3 aspargere asparsi asparsus sprinkle
spergo aspergo 3 aspergere aspersi aspersus sprinkle
spicio aspicio 2 aspicere aspexi aspectus to look (at)
sequor assequor 3 D assequi assecutus sum follow, pursue, go after; overtake; gain, achieve; equal, rival; understand
  assiduus 1/2 assidua assiduum   constant, unceasing
sumo assumo 3 assumere assumpsi assumptus take up
sto asto 1 astare astiti to stand by, stand near
  at         (conj.) but, on the contrary
  atque (ac)         (coord, conj.) and (also), and (even), as soon as
  atrium 2 N atrii     n. courtyard
traho attraho 3 attrahere attraxi attractus draw towards
  auctor 3 M auctoris     m. creator, author
  auctoritas 3 F auctoritatis     f. authority
  audacter         boldly
  audeo 2 audere ausus sum dare, have the courage
  audio 4 audire audivi (audii) auditus hear
fero aufero X auferre abstuli ablatus take away
  aula 1 F aulae     f. hall, church
  auricula 1 F auriculae     f. ear
  auris 3-i F auris aurium   f. ear
  aurum 2 N auri     n. gold
  aut         (coord. conj.) or
  aut … aut         either … or
  autem         but
  auxilium 2 N auxilii     n. help
  ave!         hail!, hello!, goodbye!, greetings!
verto averto 3 avertere averti aversus turn away, remove
  avidus 1/2 avida avidum   greatly desiring, greedy
  B         B
  bajulo 1 bajulare bear, carry
  baptisma 3 N baptismatis     n. baptism
  baptismus 2 M baptismi     m. baptism
  baptista 1 F baptistae     m. baptizer, baptist
  baptizo 1 baptizare baptizavi baptizatus immerse, baptize
  beatus 1/2 beata beatum   blessed, happy
  bene         (adv.) well
dico benedico 3 benedicere benedixi benedictus speak well (of), bless
  benedictio 3 F benedictionis     f. blessing, benediction
  benedictus 1/2 benedicta benedictum   blessed, blesst
  benignus 1/2 benigna benignum   kindly
  bibo 3 bibere bibi bibitus drink
  binus 1/2 bina binum   two apiece, two
  bis #       twice
  blasphemo 1 blasphemare blasphemavi blasphematus blaspheme, revile, insult
  bonae voluntatis         of His good pleasure
  bonus 1/2 bona bonum   good
  brachium 2 N brachii     n. arm
  C         C
cado cado 3 cadere cecidi casus fall (down)
  caecus 1/2 caeca caecum   blind, unseeing; dark, gloomy, hidden, secret; aimless, confused
  caedo 3 caedere cecidi caesus cut, strike
  caeles 3 C caelitis (gen.)     heavenly
  caelestis 3 C caeleste (n.)     heavenly, divine
  caelicola 1 F caelicolae     m. heaven-dweller
  caelicus 1/2 caelica caelicum   celestrial
  caelitus         adv. from heaven, divinely
  caelum 2 N caeli     n. (nom. pl. caeli) heaven, sky
  calamus 2 M calami     m. reed
  calco 1 calcare calcavi calcatus trample underfoot, conquer
facio calefacio 2 calefacere calefeci calefactus make warm, warm
  caligo 3 F caliginis     f. mist, gloom
  calix 3 M calicis     m. cup, chalice
  calvaria 1 F calvariae     f. skull
  candidatus 1/2 candidata candidatum   clothed in white
  canis 3 M canis     m. dog
  cano 3 canere cecini cantus sing, prophesy
  canticum 2 N cantici     n. song, canticle
  canto 1 cantare cantavi cantatus sing, chant
  cantor 3 M cantoris     m. singer, cantor
  cantus 4 M cantus     m. chant
capio capio 3-io capere cepi captus take, receive, understand
  caput 3 N capitis     n. head
  cardo 3 M cardinis     m. hinge, line, limit, crisis
  caritas 3 F caritatis     f. love, charity
  carmen 3 N carminis     n. song, prophetic song
  caro 3 F carnis     f. flesh
  Carthago 3 F Carthaginis     f. Carthage 迦太基
  carus 1/2 cara carum   (+ dat.) dear, beloved
  cassus 1/2 cassa cassum   useless, futile
  castus 1/2 casta castum   chaste
  catholicus 1/2 catholica catholicum   universal, catholic
  causa         (improper prep. + gen.) for the sake of
  causa 1 F causae     f. purpose, reason
  caute         under close watch
  cautio 3 F cautionis     f. guarantee; caution/wariness; circumspection
  cedo 3 cedere cessi cessus go, yield
  celebro 1 celebrare celebravi celebratus celebrate
  cena 1 F cenae     f. supper, dinner
  cenaculum 2 N cenaculi     n. dining room, upper room, upstairs room
  ceno 1 cenare cenavi cenatus to dine, eat supper
  censeo 2 censere censui census think, recommend, vote, determine, have an opinion
  cera 1 F cerae     f. wax
  cereus 2 M cerei     m. candle
  cerno 3 cernere crevi cretus see, discern
  cernuus 1/2 cernua cernuum   bowing
  certamen 3 N certaminis     n. contest, contention, struggle
  certe         (adv.) surely, certainly; at least
  certus 1/2 certa certum   fixed, sure, certain
  chorus 2 M chori     m. choir
  Christianus 1/2 Christiana Christianum   Christian
  Christus 2 M Christi     m. Annointed One, Messiah, Christ
  cibo 1 cibare cibavi cibatus feed
  cibus 2 M cibi     m. food
  cingo 3 cingere cinxi cinctus gird, surround
  cinis 3 M cineris     m. ashes
  circa         around
  circum         around, about
-cido circumcido 3 circumcidere circumcidi circumcisus circumcise
eo circumeo EO circumire circumivi (circumii) circumitus go about
fulgeo circumfulgeo 2 circumfulgere circumfulsi shine around
spicio circumspicio 3-io circumspicere circumspexi circumspectus to look around
sto circumsto 1 circumstare circumsteti to stand around, encircle
strepo circumstrepo 3 circumstrepere circumstrepui circumstrepitus roar, crackle, sizzle
  civis 3-i M civis civium   m/f. citizen
  civitas 3 F civitatis     f. city  (-ta-)
  clamo 1 clamare clamavi clamatus cry out, shout, call upon
  claritas 3 F claritatis     f. light, brightness, glory, fame
  clarus 1/2 clara clarum   clear, bright; glorious, famous
  claudo 3 claudere clausi clausus shut, close
  clavus 2 M clavi     m. nail
  clemens 3 clementis     merciful
  clementia 1 F clementiae     f. mercy, clemency
  clerus 2 M cleri     m. clergy
  coaduno 1 coadunare coadunavi coadunatus unite
    coepi coeptus began, started
  coetus 4 M coetus     m. assembly
  cogitatio 3 F cogitationis     f. thought
  cogito 1 cogitare cogitavi cogitatus think, plan
  cognata 1 F cognatae     f. kinswoman, female relative
  cognatus 2 M cognati     m. male relatives
  cognatio 3 F cognationis     f. relatives, family
  cognosco 3 cognoscere cognovi cognitus get acquainted with, get to know; know
ago cogo 3 cogere coegi coactus assemble, compel
  coheres 3 C coheredis     coheir
  cohors 3 F cohortis     f. cohort (a body of 600 Roman soliders)
  colaphus 2 M colaphi     m. punch (sharp blow with the fist)
laetor collaetor 1 D collaetari collaetatus rejoice together
laudo collaudo 1 collaudare collaudavi collaudatus praise exceedingly, praise together
  collecta 1 F collectae     f. collect, collection
lego / ago colligo 3 colligere collegi collectus to gather up, take in, collect
  columba 1 F columbae     f. dove, pigeon, (bird of Venus/symbol of love/gentleness)
  columna 1 F columnae     f. pillar, column
  comitatus 4 M comitatus     m. company of travellers, traveling party
  commemoratio 3 F commemorationis     f. remembrance, commemoration
  commendo 1 commendare commendavi commendatus entrust
  commensalis 3 M commensalis     m. table companion
mitto committo 3 committere commisi commissus commit, entrust
  commixtio 3 F commixtionis     f. mingling
morior commorior 3 D commori   commortuus sum die with
  communicatio 3 F communicationis     f. partaking, fellowship
  communio 3 F communionis     f. communion
  communis 3 C commune     common, unclean
  compar 3 N comparis     equal, like
placeo complaceo 2 complacere complacui complacitus sum please, be acceptable to
-pleo compleo 2 complere complevi completus fulfill, accomplish
prehendo comprehendo 3 comprehendere comprehendi comprehensus catch firmly; arrest; ignite; conceive (baby); embrace; include; express
cedo concedo 3 concedere concessi concessus yield, grant
celebro concelebro 1 concelebrare concelebravi concelebratus celebrate together
-cido concido 3 concidere concidi concisus cut to pieces, destroy
  concilium 2 N concilii     n. Sanhedrin 古犹太最高评议会兼最高法院
  concino 3 concinere concinui concentus sing
cio concio 4 concire concivi concitus incite, stir up
-cipio concipio 3-io concipere concepi conceptus conceive
cludo concludo 3 concludere conclusi conclusus shut up, conclude
  conclusio 3 F conclusionis     f. conclusion
  concordia 1 F concordiae     f. union, peace
  condemno 1 condemnare condemnavi condemnatus condemn, pass judgement
  conditor 3 M conditoris     m. founder, creator
-do condo 3 condere condidi conditus to hide
doleo condoleo 2 condolere feel sever pain, suffer greatly, feel another’s pain, empathize with
fero confero X conferre contuli collatus accompany, grant
  conferre se         take oneself (to), go
  confestim         at once, immediately
fido confido 3 confidere confisus sum trust (in), confide (in), hope (in)
  confirmatio 3 F confirmationis     f. strengthening, confirmation
firmo confirmo 1 confirmare confirmavi confirmatus strengthen, uphold
  confiteor 2 D confiteri confessus sum confess, praise
  conforto 1 confortare confortavi confortatus strengthen, grow strong, console, encourage
foveo confoveo 2 confovere confovi confotus care for, cherish assiduously
frango confringo 3 confringere confregi confractus break in two, break in pieces
fundo confundo 3 confundere confudi confusus confound, confuse, put to shame
  confuto 1 confutare confutavi confutatus check, suppress
glorifico conglorifico 1 conglorificare conglorificavi conglorificatus glorify (exceedingly)
gratulor congratulor 1 D congratulari congratulatus sum wish joy, congratulate
grego congrego 1 congregare congregavi congregatus gather together, assemble
  congruens 3 C congruentis     appropriate
jungo conjungo 3 conjungere conjunxi conjunctus join, unite
  conor 1 D conari conatus sum try, strive
sacro consecro 1 consecrare consecravi consecratus make holy, consecrate
sequor consequor 3 D consequi consecutus sum follow, obtain
servo conservo 1 conservare conservavi conservatus keep, preserve
  consilium 2 N consilii     n. counsel, plans, suggestion
  consolatio 3 F consolationis     f. consolation, help, rescue
  consolator 3 M consolatoris     m. consoler
  consolo 1 consolare consolavi consolatus console, comfort
  consolor 1 D consolari consolatus sum console, comfort
  consors 3-i C consortis consortium   sharer
  conspectus 4 M conspectus     m. sight, presence
spuo conspuo 3 conspuere conspui consputus spit on
statuo constituo 3 constituere constitui constitutus decree, ordain
  consubstantialis 3 C consubstantiale     of the same nature (as), consubstantial (with)
  consuetudo 3 F consuetudinis     f. custom
  consummo 1 consummare consummavi consummatus complete
sumo consumo 3 consumere consumpsi consumptus consume, use up
  contactus 4 M contactus     m. contact, touch
  contemplor 1 D contemplari contemplatus sum observe, look at, consider carefully
  contemplo 1 contemplare contemplavi contemplatus observe, look at, consider carefully
teneo contineo 2 continere continui contentus hold together, contain
  contra         against, opposite (to)
dico 3 contradico 3 contradicere contradixi contradictus dispute, contradict
tristor contristo 1 contristare contristavi contristatus make sad, afflict
  contritus 1/2 contrita contritum   contrite
venio convenio 4 convenire conveni conventus come together, be fitting
vensor conversor 1 D conversari   conversatus sum live (a certain lifestyle)
verto converto 3 convertere converti conversus change, convert, turn around
verto convertor 3 D converti conversus sum change, convert, turn around
vescor convescor 3 D convesci eat (with others)
  convicior 1 D conviciari conviciatus sum reproach, insult
operor cooperor 1 D cooperari cooperatus sum work together, cooperate (with)
  cor 3 N cordis cordum   n. heart
  coram         (prep. + abl.) in the presence of
  cor-nu 4 N cornus     n. horn, mountaintop
  corona 1 F coronae     f. wreath, crown
  corono 1 coronare coronavi coronatus crown
  corpus 3 N corporis     n. body, corpse
rego corrigo 3 corrigere correxi correctus correct
  cotidianus 1/2 cotidiana cotidianum   adj. daily
  cotidie         adv. daily
  creator 3 M creatoris     m. maker, creator
  creatura 1 F creaturae     f. creation, creature
  credo 3 credere credidi creditus believe (in), trust (in)
  cremo 1 cremare cremavi crematus burn
  creo 1 creare creavi creatus to create
  cresco 3 crescere crevi cretus grow, increase
  crimen 3 N criminis     n. guilt, sin
  crucifigo 3 crucifigere crucifixi crucifixus fix to a cross, crucify
  cruor 3 M cruoris     m. blood (from a wound)
  crux 3 F crucis     f. cross
  cubitum 2 N cubiti     n. cubit
  culpa 1 F culpae     f. blame, fault
  cum         1 (prep. + abl.) with 2 (subord. conj.) when, after, since, although
  cunctus 1/2 cuncta cunctum   all
  cunque         quicunque: whoever; whatever; everyone who, all that, anything that
  cur         why
  cura 1 F curae     f. care, concern
  curia 1 F curiae     f. court, curia
  curo 1 curare curavi curatus heal, cure, care for
curro curro 3 currere cucurri cursus run, hasten
  curvo 1 curvare curavi curvatus bend, humble
  custodio 4 custodire custodivi (custodii) custoditus guard, watch over
  D         D
  daemon 3 M daemonis     m. devil
  daemonium 2 N daemonii     n. evil spirit, demon
  damnum 2 N damni     n. damage, loss, punishment
  dator 3 M datoris     m. giver
  de         (prep. + abl.) from, down from; about, concerning
habeo debeo 3 debere debui debitus owe, ought (+inf.)
  debitor 3 M debitoris     m. debtor
  debitum 2 N debiti     n. debt
claro declaro 1 declarare declaravi declaratus make clear, explain
  decor 3 M decoris     n. fitting, beautiful
  decorus 1/2 decora decorum   adj. fitting, proper
  decurio 3 N decurionis     m. member of the Sanhedrin
  decus 3 N decoris     n. honor, glory, beauty
dignor dedignor 1 D dedignari dedignatus sum disdain
do dedo 3 dedere dedidi deditus dedicate, devote
  defectus 4 M defectus     m. lack, failure, defect
  defendo 3 defendere defendi defensus defend
fero defero X deferre detuli delatus offer, bring
facio deficio 3-io deficere defeci defectus fail, waste, vanish
  defunctus 1/2 defuncta defunctum   deceased, dead
  deinde         then, next
  deleo 2 delere delevi deletus destroy, wipe out
  delicia 1 F deliciae     f. pleasure, delight
monstro demonstro 1 demonstrare demonstravi demonstratus show, reveal
  demum         adv. finally, only
  denique         finally; and then; at worst; in short, to sum up
  denuo         adv. again, anew
  deorsum         adv. down, below
pono depono 3 deponere deposui depositus set down, lay down, remove
posco deposco 3 deposcere depoposci beseech, demand
  depositum 2 N depositi     n. deposit
  deprecatio 3 F deprecationis     f. earnest prayer, supplication
preco deprecor 1 D deprecari deprecatus sum beseech
puto deputo 1 deputare deputavi deputatus think, reckon
  descendo 3 descendere descendi descendus go down, come down, descend
scribo describo 3 describere descripsi descriptus to describe; enroll
  descriptio 3 F descriptionis     f. registration, census
sero desero 3 deserere deserui desertus desert, leave
  desertum 2 N deserti     n. desert
  desertus 1/2 deserta desertum   foresaken, deserted
  desiderium 2 N desdiderii     n. want, need, desire
  desidero 1 desiderare desideravi desideratus desire
  designo 1 designare designavi designatus mark
sino desino 3 desinere desii desitus (+ inf.) cease
  desolatus 1/2 desolata desolatum   foresaken, deserted
specio despicio 2 despicere despexi despectus to look down on, despise
  desponsatus 1/2 desponsata desponsatum   engaged
struo destruo 3 destruere destruxi destructus destroy
  detergeo 2 detergere detersi detersus to wipe away, cancel
traho detraho 3 detrahere detraxi detractus draw from, take away
  detrimentum 2 N detrimenti     n. loss
  Deus 2 N Dei     m. (nom. pl. dii) God
  deversorium 2 N deversorii     n. inn, lodging-place
vinco devinco 3 devincere devici devictus overcome (thoroughly), conquer (thoroughly)
  devio 1 deviare deviavi deviatus go astray
  devius 1/2 devia devium   off the road, astray
  devotio 3 F devotionis     f. devotion
  devotus 1/2 devota devotum   devout, devoted
  dexter 1/2 dextera dexterum   right
  dextera 1 F dexterae     f. right hand
  diabolus 2 M diaboli     m. devil
  diaconus 2 M diaconi     m. deacon
  dico 3 dicere dixi dictus say, tell (pass. also) be called
  dies 5 M diei     m/f. day
  difficilis 3 C difficile     difficult
  digitus 2 M digiti     m. finger, toe
  dignatio 3 F dignationis     f. condescension, graciousness
  dignitas 3 F dignitatis     f. dignity
dignor dignor 1 D dignari dignatus sum consider worthwhile, deign
  dignus 1/2 digna dignum   (+ abl.) worthy (of)
judico dijudico 1 dijudicare dijudicavi dijudicatus discern, distinguish
  dilectio 3 F dilectionis     f. love
  dilectus 1/2 dilecta dilectum   beloved
  diligenter         (adv.) diligently
lego diligo 3 diligere dilexi dilectus to love
luo diluo 3 diluere dilui dilutus wash away
  diluvium 2 M diluvii     n. flood
mitto dimitto 3 dimittere dimisi dimissus send away, release; forgive; permit
rego dirigo 3 dirigere direxi directus direct
rumpo dirumpo 3 dirumpere dirupi dirruptus break apart, shatter
  dirus 1/2 dira dirum   horrible, cruel
cedo discedo 3 discedere discessi discessus go/march off, depart, withdraw; scatter
  discipulus 2 M discipuli     m. disciple, student
disco disco 3 discere didici discitus learn
  discutio 3 discutere discussi discussus shatter, scatter
  diserte         eloquently
  dispar 3 N disparis     unlike, different
pergo dispergo 3 dispergere dispersi dispersus scatter
  dissimilis 3 C dissimile     dissimilar, unlike
  dito 1 ditare ditavi ditatus enrich
  diversus 1/2 diversa diversum   different
  dives 3 C divitis     rich, wealthy
  divido 3 dividere divisi divisus part, divide
  divinitas 3 F divinitatis     f. divinity
  divinus 1/2 divina divinum   divine
vulgo divulgo 1 divulgare divulgavi divulgatus make common, talk about
do do 1 dare dedi datus give
  doceo 3 docere docui doctus teach
  doctor 3 M doctoris     m. teacher
  doctrina 1 F doctrinae     f. teaching, doctrine
  doctus 1/2 docta doctum   adj. taught
      doctior -or -us doctissimus -a -um   adj. taught
  documentum 2 N documenti     n. example
  dogma 3 N dogmatis     n. decision, dogma
  doleo 3 dolere dolui dolitus grieve, suffer, feel pain
  dolor 3 M doloris     m. sorrow, pain
  dolorosus 1/2 dolorosa dolorosum   sorrowful
  domina 1 F dominae     f. mistress, lady
  dominus 2 M domini     m. lord, master
  domus 2 F domi     f. home, house
  domus 4 F domus     f. home, house
  donec         (subord. conj.) while, as long as; till
  dono 1 donare donavi donatus give, grant; forgive
  donum 2 N doni     n. gift
  dormio 4 dormire dormivi dormitus sleep
duco duco 3 ducere duxi ductus lead
  ductor 3 M ductoris     m. leader
  dulcis 3 C dulce     sweet, kind
  dum         (subord. conj.) while, as long as; till, provided that
  duodena #       num. a dozen each/apiece/times/fold/together/at a time
  duplex 3 C duplicis     double
  dux 3 M ducis     m. leader
  E         E
  e (ex)         (prep. + abl.) from, out of
  ecce         (interjection) look!, here!
  ecclesia 1 F ecclesiae     f. church, assembly
  edictum 2 N edicti     n. decree
duco educo 3 educere eduxi eductus lead out
  edulium 2 N edulii     n. food
fero effero X efferre extuli elatus bring out, bear, lift up
facio efficio 2 efficere effeci effectus make, effect
fundo 3 effundo 3 effundere effudi effusus pour out, shed, spill
  effusio 3 F effusionis     f. outpouring
  ego   mei     I
gradior egredior 3 D egredi egressus sum come out, go out
jacio ejicio 3 ejicere ejeci ejectus throw out
  electus 1/2 electa electum   chosen, elect
  eléison         (Greek, imperative) have mercy!
lego eligo 3 eligere elegi electus to choose, elect
mino elimino 1 eliminare eliminavi eliminatus banish
mitto emitto 3 emittere emisi emissus send out
emo emo 3 emere emi emptus buy
  enim         (postpos. coord. conj.) for; indeed; namely
nitor enitor 3 eniti enisus (enixus) sum bring forth, give birth to
eo eo EO ire ivi (ii) itus go
  eodem         to the same place / purpose
  episcopalis 3 C episcopale     of a bishop, episcopal
  episcopus 2 M episcopi     m. overseer, bishop
  ergo         (coord. conj.) therefore
rego erigo 3 erigere erexi erectus raise up, erect
  erro 1 errare erravi erratus wander, go astray, err
  erro 3 M erronis     m. vagabond
  eruditio 3 F eruditionis     f. teaching
  eruditus 1/2 erudita eruditum   learned, versed
ruo eruo 3 eruere erui erutus tear out, rescue
  esti         (subord. conj.) although, even if
eo esurio 4 / EO esurire esurivi (esurii) esuritus desire food, be hungry
  et         (1. coord. conj.; 2. intensifying adv.) 1. and, 2. even, too
  et … et         both … and
  etenium         and indeed, for indeed
  etiam         (intesifying adv.) also, even
  eucharisticus 1/2 eucharistica eucharisticum   eucharistic
  eva 1 F evae     f. Eve
  evangelicus 1/2 evangelica evangelicum   of the Gospel
  Evangelium 2 M Evangelii     n. Good News, Gospel
  evangelizo 1 evangelizare evangelizavi evangelizatus preach the Gospel
voco evoco 1 evocare evocavi evocatus call forth
  ex adverso         opposite
  ex hoc         from this (time), from now on
audio / eo exaudio 4 / EO exaudire exaudivi (exaudii) exauditus hear (favorably)
  excelsus 1/2 excelsa excelsum   high, lofty, exalted
cedo excido 4 excidere excidi excisus hew out, cut out, destroy
capio excipio 3-io excipere excepi exceptus welcome
  exclamo 1 exclamare exclamavi exclamatus cry alound, exclaim
  exemplum 1 M exempli     n. example
eo exeo EO exire exivi (exii) exitus go out, leave
  exerceo 2 exercere exercui exercitus work out, wield, practice
  exercitus 4 M exercitus     m. army, multitude
  exico 1 exicare exicui exictus cut out/off; remove/make (hole) by cutting; cut, make cut in; castrate
  eximius 1/2 eximia eximium   extraordinary
  existimo 1 existimare existimavi existimatus think, judge
  exitus 4 M exitus     m. outcome, result
oro exoro 1 exorare exoravi exoratus beseech
eo expedio 4 / EO expedire expedivi expeditus disengage, loose, set free; be expedient; procure, obtain, make ready
pello expello 3 expellere expuli expulsus drive out, expel, banish; disown, reject
pio expio 1 expiare expiavi expiatum expiate, atone for
pono expono 3 exponere exposui expositus set/put forth/out; abandon, expose; publish; explain, relate; disembark
premo exprimo 3 exprimere expressi expressus represent, express
sisto / sto exsisto 3 exsistere exstiti exstitus step forth, come out
specto exspecto 1 exspectare exspectavi exspectatus look for, wait
spiro exspiro 1 exspirare exspiravi exspiratus die, expire
spolio exspolio 1 exspoliare exspoliavi exspoliatus despoil, rob
  exsulto 1 exsultare exsultavi exsultatus rejoice, exult, jump about, let oneself go
rego / surgo exsurgo 3 exsurgere exsurrexi exsurrectus rise up, depart
tendo extendo 3 extendere extendi extentus stretch out
fero / tollo extollo 3 extollere extuli lift up, extol
  extra         beyond, outside
  exuo 3 exuere exui exutus strip, cast off
  F         F
  facies 5 F faciei     f. face (i.e. appearance)
  facilis 3 C facile     easy
facio facio 3 facere feci factus do, make
  factor 3 M factoris     m. maker, doer
  factum est         it happened (that), it came to pass (that)
  facultas 3 F facultatis     f. possibility, opportunity
  faenum 2 N faeni     n. hay
  fallo 3 fallere fefelli falsus deceive
  falso         falsely
  falsus 1/2 falsa falsum   false
  fames 3-i F famis famium   f. hunger
  familia 1 F familiae     f. household, family
  famulus 2 M famuli     m. servant
  fascia 1 F fasciae     f. band, wrapping
  fastidiosus 1/2 fastidiosa fastidiosum   squeamish; exacting; disdainful; nauseating
  fastidium 2 N fastidii     n. pride, weariness
  fateor 2 fateri fassus sum acknowledge, confess, praise
  favilla 1 F favillae     f. ashes (of the dead)
  fel 3 N fellis     n. gall
  felix 3 N felicis     happy, blessed
  ferculum 2 N ferculi     n. dish (of food)
fero fero X ferre tuli latus bring, bear, carry
  ferrum 2 N ferri     n. iron, (nails)
  festinatio 3 F festinationis     f. haste, speed
  festino 1 festinare festinavi festinatus hasten, hurry
  festum 2 N festi     n. feast, feast day
  festus 1/2 festa festum   festal
  fidelis 3 C fidele     faithful, believing
  fides 5 F fidei     f. faith, faithfulness
figo figo 3 figere fixi fixus piece, fix, fasten
  figura 1 F figurae     f. fashion, figure
  filia 1 F filiae     f. daughter
  filius 2 M filii     m. son
eo finio 4 / EO finire finivi (finii) finitus end, finish
  finis 3-i C finis finium   m/f. end, boundary; (pl.) territory, district
  fio 3 D fieri factus sum be made, be done, become, happen, be
  firmitas 3 F firmitatis     f. firmness, certainty
firmo firmo 1 firmare firmavi firmatus strengthen, make stready
  firmus 1/2 firma firmum   steadfast, firm
  flagellum 2 N flagelli     n. scourge
  flagitiosus 1/2 flagitiosa flagitiosum   shameful
  flagito 1 flagitare flagitavi flagitatus demand, require, press
  flagrans 3 C flagrantis     flaming, eager
  flamma 1 F flammae     f. flame
flecto flecto 3 flectere flexi flexus to bend, bow
  fleo 2 flere flevi fletus weep, lament
  fletus 4 M fletus     m. weeping
  flos 3 F floris     m. flower
  flumen 3 N fluminis     n. stream, flow
  fons 3-i M fontis fontium   m. source, fountain
  foras         outside
  fore BE       about to be
  foris         outside, outdoors
  formo 1 formare formavi formatus train, guide; fashion, form
  forte         by chance
  fortis 3 C forte     strong
  foveo 2 fovere fovi fotus warm
  fractura 1 F fracturae     f. fracture, breaking
  fragmentum 2 N fragmenti     n. fragment, piece, part
  framea 1 F frameae     f. sword
  frango 3 frangere fregi fractus break
  frater 3 M fratris     m. brother
  fraus 3 F fraudis     f. self-deception, error
  fretum 2 N freti     n. channel; raging, swelling
  frigidus 1/2 frigida frigidum   cold
  frons 3 F frondis     f. branch, foliage, leaves
  fructus 4 M fructus     m. fruit
  fugio 3-io fugere fugi fugitus flee (from)
  fugo 1 fugare fugavi fugatus put to flight, chase away
fulgo fulgeo 2 fulgere fulsi shine, glow
  fulgidus 1/2 fulgida fulgidum   gleaming
  fulgor 3 M fulgoris     m. brightness
  funditus         completely
  fundo 1 fundare fundavi fundatus establish, found
  fundo 3 fundere fudi fusus pour
  fungor 3 D fungi functus sum perform
  G         G
  Galilaea 1 F Galilaeae     f. Galilee
  Galilaeus 1/2 Galilaea Galilaeum   Galilaean
  gallus 2 M galli     m. cock
  gaudeo 2 gaudere gavisus sum rejoice, be glad
  gaudium 2 N gaudii     n. joy
  gemo 3 gemere gemui gemitus sigh, groan, lament
  generaliter         generally, universally
  generatio 3 F generationis     f. generation, age
  generosis 1/2 generosa generosum   noble
  genetrix 3 F genetricis     f. mother
  genitor 3 M genitoris     m. begetter, father
  gens 3-i F gentis gentium   f. nation, (pl.) nations, Gentiles
  gentius 1/2 gentia gentium   begotten, engendered
  genu 4 N genus     n. knee
flecto genuflecto 3 genuflectere genuflexi genuflexus bend the knee, genuflect, kneel
  genus 3 N generis     n. kind, race; nation
  germen 3 N germinis     n. bud
  gero 3 gerere gessi gestus bear, manage, conduct
eo gestio 4 / EO gestire gestivi gestitus exult, be joyful
  gladius 2 M gladii     m. sword
  gloria 1 F gloriae     f. glory
glorifico glorifico 1 glorificare glorificavi glorificatus glorify
  gloriosus 1/2 gloriosa gloriosum   glorious
gradior gradior 3 D gradi gressus sum walk, step
  gradus 4 M gradus     m. step
  Graecus 1/2 Graeca Graecum   Greek
  gratia 1 F gratiae     f. grace, favor, credit; pl. thanks
  gratias agere         give thanks (to), thank (+ dat.)
  gratis         adv. without payment, for nothing; freely
  gratus 1/2 grata gratum   (+ dat.) pleasing, agreeable
  gravis 3 M grave     heavy, serious, grievous
grego grego 1 gregare gregavi gregatus gather, assemble
  grex 3 N gregis     m. flock
  gubernator 3 M gubernatoris     m. pilot
  guberno 1 guberare gubernavi guberatus govern
  guttur 3 N gutturis     n. throat
  H         H
habeo habeo 2 habere habui habitus have, hold; consider
  haedus 2 F haedi     m. kid, young goat
  haud         not
  Hebraeus 5 M Hebraei     m. Hebrew
  hereditas 3 F hereditatis     f. generation, inheritance
  hic         (adv.) here, in this place
  hic   haec hoc   this
  Hierosolyma 1 F Hierosolymae     f. Jerusalem
  Hierosolyma 3 N Hierosolymorum     n. Jerusalem
  hinc … illinc         on the one hand … on the other hand
  hinc (adv.)         from here
  hodie         (adv.) today
  homicidium 2 N homicidii     n. murder
  homo 3 M hominis     m. human being, person
  honor 3 M honoris     m. honor
  hora 1 F horae     f. hour
  horreo 2 horrere horrui shudder at, loathe
  hosanna         (Hebrew, interjection) hosanna (cry of praise)
  hospes 3 C hospitis     m./f. guest
  hostia 1 F hostiae     f. sacrificial offering, host
  hostilis 3 C hostile     hostile, caused by the enemy
  hostis 3 C hostis hostium   m/f. enemy, host
  huc         here
  humanitas 3 F humanitatis     f. humanity
  humanus 1/2 humana humanum   human
  humilis 3 C humile     lowly, humble
  humilitas 3 F humilitatis     f. lowliness, humility
  hymnus 2 M hymni     m. hymn
  I         I
  iam         now,already
  ibi         adv. there, in that place, then
  idcirco         therefore
  idem   eadem idem   the same
  ideo         clearly, therefore, on that account
  igitur         conj. therefore, then
  ignis 3-i M ignis ignium   m. fire
nosco / oro ignoro 1 ignorare ignoravi ignoratus not to know
  ilico         on the spot, immediately
  ille   illa illud   that
  illucesco 3 illucescere illuxi shine (upon), become light
  illudo 3 illudere illusi illussus mock, make fun of
  illuminatio 3 F illuminationis     f. light
  illumino 1 illuminare illuminavi illuminatus make shine, illuminate, enlighten
  illustro 1 illustrare illustravi illustratus illuminate, enlighten, explain
  immensus 1/2 immensa immensum   immeasurable, boundless
  immolatio 3 F immolationis     f. offering
  immolo 1 immolare immolavi immolatus sacrifice, offer
  immundus 1/2 immunda immundum   impure, unclean
muto immuto 1 immutare immutavi immutatus to transform
  imo         inmost (adj), indeed (adv), no indeed (adv)
  imperator 3 M imperatoris     m. general, emperor
  imperium 2 N imperii     n. dominion, empire; precept, command
  impetus 4 M impetus     m. impulse, force
  impie         wickedly
  impius 1/2 impia impium   wicked, godless
-pleo impleo 2 implere implevi impletus fill, accomplish
pono impono 3 imponere imposui impositus put upon
  impossibilis 3 C impossibile     impossible
  in         (prep. + acc.) 1. into, onto, against; for (the purpose of), ; (prep + abl.) 2. in, on, among; by means of, with
  in aeternum         forever
  in primis         at first, in the first place
  in saecula (saeculorum)         forever (and ever)
  inaequalis 3 C inaequale     unequal, different
  inaestimabilis 3 C inaestimabile     priceless
  inanis 3 C inane     empty
  incarno 1 incarnare incarnavi incarnatus to make into flesh, make incarnate
cedo incedo 3 incedere incessi incessus go, walk
  incensum 2 N incensi     n. incense
  incessabilis 3 C incessabile     unceasing
cado incido 3 incidere incidi fall into, happen
capio incipio 2 incipere incepi inceptus begin (+ inf.)
-clino inclino 1 inclinare inclinavi inclinatus bow, lean forward
  inclitus 1/2 inclita inclitum   famous, glorious
  incolatus 4 M incolatus     m. residence, dwelling
  inconsutilis 3 C inconsutile     not sewn together, seamless
  incorruptibilis 3 C incorruptibile     imperishable
  incredibilis 3 C incredibile     incredible; extraordinary
  incredulus 1/2 incredula incredulum   unbelieving, disbelieving, incredulous; disobedient
crepo increpo 1 increpare increpui increpitus chide, rebuke
  inculco 1 inculcare inculcavi inculcatus inculate(谆谆劝导), stress, emphasize
  inde         from there, from then
  indeficiens 3 C indeficientis     unfailing
  indigentia 1 F indigentiae     f. want, desire
  indigeo 2 indigere indigui want, desire
  indignus 1/2 indigna indignum   (+ abl.) unworthy (of)
  indoles 3 F indolis     f. quality, nature
duco induco 3 inducere induxi inductus lead into, bring into
  indulgentia 1 F indulgentiae     f. forgiveness, pardon, concesion
  induo 3 induere indui indutus put on, clothe
  inebrio 1 inebriare inebriavi inebriatus saturate, seep
  ineffabilis 3 C ineffabile     inexpressable, ineffable
eo ineo EO inire inivi (inii) initus go in, enter (upon)
  infans 3 C infantis     m/f. baby, infact
  infernus 1/2 inferna infernum   of hell, infernal
fero infero 3 inferre intuli illatus bring in
  inferus 1/2 infera inferum   of hell, below
facio inficio 3-io inficere infeci infectus infect, pollute
  infirmus 1/2 infirma infirmum   adj. weak, sick
flammo inflammo 1 inflammare inflammavi inflammatus kindle, set afire
fundo infundo 3 infundere infudi infusus pour, infuse
  ingemisco 3 ingemiscere ingemui ingemitus sigh, groan
  ingravo 1 ingravare ingravavi ingravatus aggravate, make worse, weigh down, oppress, molest
gradior ingredior 3 ingredi ingressus sum walk along, come in
  inhaereo 2 inhaerere inhaesi inhaesus to cling to, adhere to (+ dat.)
  inimicus 2 M inimici     m. enemy
  iniquitas 3 F iniquitatis     f. wickedness
  initium 2 N initii     n. beginning
  innocens 3 C innocentis     clean, pure, innocent
  innocentia 1 F innocentiae     f. innocence
  innoxius 1/2 innoxia innoxium   without harm, innocent
nuo innuo 3 innuere innui innutus give a nod to, make signals to
  inquam D       I say
  inquit D       it says, meaning
  inseparabilis 3 C inseparabile     inseperable
sono insono 1 insonare insonui insonitus to resound
  instituo 3 instituere institui institutus appoint, establish
  institutio 3 F institutionis     f. instruction
  institutum 2 N instituti     n. regulation, instruction
sto insto 1 instare institi to urge, threaten (+dat.)
struo instruo 3 instruere instruxi instructus instruct
surgo / rego insurgo 3 insurgere insurrexi insurrectus rise up
  intactus 1/2 intacta intactum   untouched, chaste
lego intellego 3 intellegere intellexi intellectus perceive, understand, pay heed to
tendo intendo 3 intendere intendi intentus (intentus) aim (at), look at intently
  inter         (prep. + acc.) between, among, during
  inter se         to each other, mutually
  intercessio 3 F incercessionis     f. intercession
eo intereo 4 / EO interire interivi (interii) interitus perish, die
facio interficio 3-io interficere interfeci interfectus do away with, kill
  interior 3-i M interioris interiorum   m. inner
  interitus 4 M interitus     m. ruin, destruction
  interpretor 1 D interpretari interpretatus sum explain/expound; interpret/prophesy from (dream/omen); understand/comprehend, decide; translate
  interpretatus PPP interpretata interpretatum   ppp. translated
rogo interrogo 1 interrrogare interrogavi interrogatus ask, inquire
  intimus 1/2 intima intimum   innermost, most intimate, most intimate
  intra         within, among
  intro         within, inside
  intro 1 intrare intravi intratus enter
eo introeo EO introire introivi (introii) introitus go within, enter
  introitus 4 M introitus     m. a going in, introit
  intus         within
  inultus 1/2 inulta inultum   unpunished
  invenio 4 invenire inveni inventus come upon, find
  invicem         in turn, one another
  invidia 1 F invidiae     f. jealousy
  invisibilis 3 C invisibile     spiritual, invisible
voco invoco 1 invocare invocavi invocatus call upon, invoke
volvo involvo 3 involvere involvi involutus roll, cause to roll; travel in circle/circuit; bring around/about; revolve, envelop, wrap up
  ipse   ipsa ipsum   self
  ira 1 F irae     f. anger, wrath
radio irradio 1 irradiare irradiavi irradiatus shine, illuminate
  irreprehensibilis 3 C irreprehensibile     blameless
ruo irruo 3 irruere irrui irrutus rush into, rush upon, take hold of
  is   ea id   this, that, he, she, it
  iste   ista istud   this, that (of yours)
  ita         thus, therefore, so, this, in this way
  itaque         accordingly, therefore, and so
  item         likewise
  iter 3 N itineris     n. journey
  itero 1 iterare iteravi iteratus repeat
  iterum         (adv.) again
  iuxta         equally, nearly, just as
  J = I         J = I
  jaceo 2 jacere jacui jacitus lie, be situated, sleep
jacio jacio 3-io jacere jeci jactus throw
  jam         (adv.) already; now; soon
  jejunium 2 N jejunii     n. fast
  Jerusalem         Jersulam
  Jesus 4 M Jesu Jesu Jesum m. Jesus, Joshua
  Joannes 3 M Joannis     m. John
  jubar 3 N jubaris     n. radiance, light
  jubeo 2 jubere jussi jussus command, bid, ask
  jubilatio 3 F jubilationis     f. shout of joy
  jucundus 1/2 jucunda jucundum   pleasing
  Judaea 1 F Judaeae     f. Judea
  Judaeus 1/2 Judaea Judaeum   Jewish
  judex 3 M judicis     m. judge
  judicium 2 N judicii     n. judgement
dico 1 judico 1 judicare judicavi judicatus judge
  jungo 3 jungere junxi junctus join, unite
  juro 1 jurare juravi juratus swear
  jusjurandum 2 N jurisjurandi     n. oath
  justificatio 3 F justificationis     f. formality, ordinance
  justitia 1 F justitiae     f. righteousness, justice
  justus 1/2 justa justum   righteous, just
  juxta         near, along, according to
  Kȳrie         (Greek, vocative) O Lord!
  L         L
  labes 3-i F labis labium   f. a falling in, failing, disgrace
  labo 1 labare labavi labatus totter, be ready to fall; begin to sink; give way; waver
  labor 3 labi lapsus sum watch, protect, uphold
  labor 3 M laboris     m. work, labor
  laboro 1 laborare laboravi laboratus work, labor
  lac 3 N lactis     n. milk
  lacrima 1 F lacrimae     f. tear
  lacrimor 1 D lacrimari lacrimatus sum weep
  lacrimosus 1/2 lacrimosa lacrimosum   tearful
  laedo 3 laedere laesi laesus injure, do harm
  laetitia 1 F laetitiae     f. gladness, joy
  laetor 1 D laterari laetatus sum rejoice, be glad
  laetus 1/2 laeta laetum   joyful
  lampas 3 F lampadis     f. lamp, torch, flame
  lancea 1 F lanceae     f. spear, lance
  langueo 2 languere langui be faint, be weak
  languidus 1/2 languida languidum   faint, weak
  lapis 3-i M lapis lapium   m. stone
  largior 4 D largiri largitus sum slide, (slip and) fall
  largitas 3 F largitatis     f. bounty, abundance
  lassus 1/2 lassa lassum   weary, exhausted
  lateo 3 latere latui be hidden
  latro 3 M latronis     m. bandit
  latus 3 N lateris     n. side
  laudabilis 3 C laudabile     praiseworthy
  laudo 1 laudare laudavi laudatus praise
  laurea 1 F laureae     f. laurel, victory
  laus 3 F laudis     f. praise
  lavo 1 lavare lavi lautus (lotus) wash, be washed, bathe
  laxo 1 laxare laxavi laxatus loosen, relax
  lectio 3 F lectionis     f. reading
  lector 1 M lectoris     m. reader, lector
  legalis 3 C legale     prescribed in the Torah
lego lego 3 legere legi lectus to choose, select; to read
  lentesco 3 lentescere become pliant, become soft
  Levita (Levites) 1 F Levitae     m. deacon, Levite
  levo 1 levare levavi levatus raise up, lift up
  lex 3 F legis     f. law, Torah
  liber 1/2 libera liberum   free
  liber 2 M libri     m. book
  libere         freely, you would be freed
  libero 1 liberare liberavi liberatus free
  licet         although
  licet 3 licere licuit (licitum est) it is permitted
  lignum 2 N ligni     n. wood, tree
  limes 3 N limitis     n. boundary, limit
  lingua 1 F linguae     f. tongue, language
  linquo 3 linquere liqui leave
  liquo 1 liquare liquavi liquatus melt
  liturgia 1 F liturgiae     f. (divine) service, liturgy
  locus 2 M loci     m. place
  longe         far, by far
  longius         at some distance
  loquor 3 D loqui locutus sum speak
  Lucas 1 M Lucae     m. Luke
  lucifer 2 M luciferi     m. daystar, morning star
  ludo 3 ludere lusi lusus joke
  lugeo 2 lugere luxi luctus mourn, cry out in grief
  lumen 3 N luminis     n. light; (pl.) eyes
  luminare 3 N luminaris luminarium   n. light, lamp, heavenly body
  lustrum 2 N lustri     n. period of five years
  lux 3 F lucis     f. light
  M         M
  maereo 2 maerere be sad, grieve, mourn
  maestus 1/2 maesta maestum   sad
  Magdalena 1 F Magdalenae     f. Magdalen
  magis         adv. more; adj. (dat. and abl. form of) magic, magical
  magister 2 M magistri     m. teacher, master, rabbi
  magnifico 1 magnificare magnificavi magnificatus extol, praise, glorify
  magnus 1/2 magna magnum   great, large; big
  major 3 C major majus majoris greater, older
  magus 2 M magi     m. wise man, magician, astrologer
  majestas 3 F majestatis     f. majesty
  male         (adv.) badly, poorly
  male habere         be sick
dico maledico 3 maledicere maledixi maledictus speak evil (of), curse
  mandatum 2 N mandati     n. order, commandment
  mando 1 mandare mandavi mandatus order
  manduco 1 manducare manducavi manducatus to eat
  mane         in the morning
maneo maneo 2 manere mansi mansus remain, wait, stay
  manifesto 1 manifestare manifestavi manifestatus make clear, reveal
  manna 1 F mannae     f. the manna of the Hebrews
  mano 1 manare manavi manatus flow, drip
  manus 4 F manus     f. hand
  mare 3-i N maris marium   n. sea
  Maria 1 F Mariae     f. Mary
  martyr 3 M martyris     m. witness, martyr
  masculinus 1/2 masculina masculinum   male
  mater 3 F matris     f. mother
  materialis 3 C materiale     material, temporal
  matrix 3 F matricis     f. womb, matrix
  matutinus 1/2 matutina matutinum   (of) morning, early
  maximum 1/2 maxima maximum   greatest, very great
  medela 1 F medelae     f. cure, remedy
  medium 2 N medii     n. the middle, midst
  melos 2 N meli     n. song
  memento X       remember! Be mindful of!
  memor 3 C memoris     adj. mindful of
  memoria 1 F memoriae     f. remembrance, memory
  memoror 1 D memorari memoratus sum be mindful of, remember
  mens 3-i F mentis mentium   f. mind, intention
  mensa 1 F mensae     f. table; banquet
  mensis 3 M mensis mensium   m. month
  mercor 1 D mercari mercatus sum buy
  mereo 3 merere merui meritus be worthy, deserve
  merito         (adv.) rightly, deservedly
  meritum 2 N meriti     n. merit
  merum 2 N meri     n. wine
  meus 1/2 mea meum   my, mine
  miles 3 M militis     m. soldier
  militia 1 F militiae     f. army, host
  minister 2 M ministri     m. servant, minister
  ministerium 2 N ministerii     n. ministry, service
  ministro 1 ministrare ministravi ministratus serve, take care of
  minuo 3 minuere minui minutus diminish
  mirabilis 3 C mirabile     wonderful
  miror 1 D mirari miratus sum wonder (at), be amazed (at)
  mirus 1/2 mira mirum   wonderful
  misceo 2 miscere miscui mixtus mix, mingle
  miser 1/2 misera miserum   wretched, pitiable
  miserabiliter         wretchedly
  misereor 2 D misereri misertus sum have pity (on)
  misericordia 1 F misericordiae     f. mercy, kindness, pity
  miseror 1 D miserari miseratus sum bewail, pity
  missa 1 F missae     f. Mass
  mitesco 3 mitescere become mild
  mitis 3 C mite     mild, meek
  mitto 3 mittere misi missus send; cast; put
  modicus 1/2 modica modicum   a little
  modo         just now, only, merely; if only; but
  modus 2 M modi     m. manner, way
  momentum 2 N momenti     n. importance
  moneo 2 monere monui monitus warn, advise, teach
  mons 3-i M montis montium   m. mountain, hill
  monstro 1 monstrare monstravi monstratus show, command
  monstrum 2 N monstri     n. monster
  montanus 1/2 montana montanum   adj. mountainous
  montana 2 N montanorum     n. mountainous districts, hill country
  monumentum 2 N monumenti     n. tomb
  mora 1 F morae     f. delay, hindrance, pause
  morior 3 D mori mortuus sum die
  mors 3-i F mortis mortium   f. death
  morsus 4 M morsus     m. a bite, eating
  mortuus 1/2 mortua mortuum   dead
  moveo 2 movere movi motus move, affect
  mucro 3 M mucronis     m. sword-point, sword
  mulier 3 F mulieris     f. woman, wife
  multiformis 3 C multiforme     many-shaped
  multitudo 3 F multitudinis     f. great number, multitude
  multum         much,greatly
  multum posse         have much/more/most influence/power
  multus 1/2 multa multum   much, many
  mundus 1/2 munda mundum   pure, clean
  mundus 2 M mundi     m. world
  munia 2 N munium     pl. n. duties
  munus 3 N muneris     n. gift, offering; task, duty; (pl.) bribes
  muscipula 1 F muscipulae     f. mousetrap, snare
  muto 1 mutare mutavi mutatus to change, exchange
  mutuor 1 mutuari mutuatus sum borrow
  mutus 1/2 muta mutum   speechless, dumb
  myrrha 1 F myrrhae     myrrh
  myrrhatus 1/2 myrrhata myrrhatum   laced with myrrh
  mysterium 2 N mysterii     n. mystery
  mysticus 1/2 mystica mysticum   mystical
  N         N
  nam         (coord. conj.) for
  narratio 3 F narrationis     f. account, narrative
  narro 1 narrare narravi narratus tell, narrate
  nascor 3 nasci natus sum be bron
  natio 3 F nationis     f. nation, (pl.) gentiles, heathens
  nativitas 3 F nativitatis     f. birth
  natura 1 F naturae     f. nature
  natus 2 M nati     m. son, child
  naufragus 1/2 naufraga naufragum   shipwrecked
  Nazarenus 1/2 Nazarena Nazarenum   of Nazareth, Nazarene, Nazorean
  ne         in order that … not, that … not
  ne quis         not anyone
  ne…quidem         not even
  nec         not
  nec … nec         neither … not
  necessarius 1/2 necessaria necessarium   necessary/needed/essential/indispensable; vital/private (body part); close tied
  necesse est         it is needful, it is necessary
  necnon         nor; and not, not, neither, not even; and also, and indeed
  nefas X       undeclined neuter noun: sin
  nego 1 negare negavi negatus deny, say … not
  nemo 3 C neminis     nobody, no
  nempe         truly, to be sure
  nequaquam         by no means, not at all
  neque         and not, not
  neque … neque         neither … nor
  nequis         (adv) lest; (pron) anyone
scio / eo nescio 4 / EO nescire nescivi (nescii) nescitus not to know, be ignorant
  nex 3 F necis     f. death
  nihil X       undeclined neuter noun: nothing, not at all
  nihilominus         nevertheless
  nil         nothing, not at all
  nimis         adv. too (much)
  nisi         (subord. conj.) unless, if … not; except, but
  nobilis 3 C nobile     noble, respected
  nobilitas 3 F nobilitatis     f. nobility
  noceo 2 nocere nocui nocitus hurt, do harm to
  nocturnus 1/2 nocturna nocturnum   nightly, by night
  noli X       be unwilling, do not
  nolite X       be unwilling, do not
  nomen 3 N nominis     n. name
  nomino 1 nominare nominavi nominatus name, call
  non         not
  non modo … sed etiam         not only … but also
  non tantum         not only
  nondum         not yet
nosco nosco 3 noscere novi notus get acquainted with, get to know; know
  noster 1/2 nostra nostrum   our, ours
  notus 2 M noti     m. friends, (pl.) acquaintances
  noto 1 notare notavi notatus observe; record; brand; write, inscribe
  novitas 3 F novitatis     f. newness
  novus 1/2 nova novum   new, recent
  nox 3-i F noctis noctium   f. night
  noxialis 3 C noxiale     injurious
  noxius 1/2 noxia noxium   harmful, injurious
  nubes 3 F nubis nubium   f. cloud
  nudus 1/2 nuda nudum   naked
  nullus 2 M nemini neminem nullo/nulla nobody, no
  nullus 1/2 nulla nullum   not any, no
  numen 3 N numinis     n. divinity
  numerus 2 M numeri     m. number, multitude
  numquam         never
  numquid         (introduces a negative question expecting a negative reply)
  nunc         now
  nuntio 1 nuntiare nuntiavi nuntiatus declare, announce
  nutus 4 M nutus     m. nod, assent
  O         O
  ob (prep. + acc.)         because of
eo obeo EO obire obivi (obii) obitus go to meet, die
  oblatio 3 F oblationis     f. offering
  oboedentia 1 F oboedentiae     f. obedience
  oboedio 4 oboedire oboedivi (oboedii) oboeditus obey, listen to
  obsecratio 3 F obsecrationis     f. prayer
servo observo 1 observare observavi observatus watch, observe
  obumbro 1 obumbrare obumbravi obumbratus overshadow
  obvius 1/2 obvia obvium   open, exposed
  occasus 4 M occasus     m. setting (of the sun)
  occidens 3 M occidentis     west
cado occido 3 occidere occidi occasus go down, set (of the sun); kill
  occulto 1 occultare occultavi occultatus hide, conceal
curro occurro 3 occurrere occucurri (occurri) occursus run up to, meet with
  octavus 1/2 octava octavum   eighth
  octo 2 M octi     eight
  octoginta X octogesimus -a -um octogeni -ae -a   eighty
  octogiens OR octogies         adv. 80
  oculus 2 M oculi     m. eye
  odium 2 N odii     n. hatred
    odi hate
  odor 3 M odoris     m. aroma, odor
fero offero X offerre obtuli oblatus offer
  officium 2 N officii     n. service
  olim         formerly, once, in the future
  oliva 1 F olivae     f. olive (tree)
  Olivetum 2 N Oliveti     n. Olivet (a hill east of Jerusalem)
  omissio 3 F omissionis     f. omission
  omnino         entirely
  omnipotens 3 C omnipotentis     all-powerful
  omnis 3 C omne     every, all
  opero 1 operare operavi operatus work
  operor 1 D operari operatus sum work, perform
oporteo oportet 3 oportere oportuit oportuitus it is proper, it is necessary
  opprobrium 2 N opprobrii     n. reproach, disgrace
  ops 3 F opis     f. help
  optimus 1/2 optima optimum   best, very good
  opus est         is useful, beneficial
  opus 3 N operis     n. work, deed
  oratio 3 F orationis     f. prayer; speech
  orbis terrae         world
  orbis 3-i M orbis orbium   m. sphere, orb
  ordino 1 ordinare ordinavi ordinatus arrange, compile
  ordo 3 M ordonis     m. rank, order
  orior 4 D oriri ortus sum spring up, arise, appear
orno orno 1 ornare ornavi ornatus adorn, garnish, trim
oro oro 1 orare oravi oratus pray
  ortus 4 M ortus     m. rising (of the sun)
  os 3 N oris     n. mouth
  osculor 1 D osculari osculatus sum kiss, to make a fuss over
tendo ostendo 3 ostendere ostendi ostentus show, explain
  ostensio 3 F ostensionis     f. public appearance
  ostium 2 N ostii     n. entrance; door
  ovile 3-i N ovilis ovilium   n. sheepfold
  ovis 3-i F ovis ovium   f. sheep
  P         P
  pacifico 1 pacificare pacificavi pacificatus make peace, grant peace
  paene (pene)         almost
  paenitentia 1 F paenitentiae     f. repentance
  paeniteor 3 D paeniteri repent
  palam         openly, plainly
  palma 1 F palmae     f. palm (of the hand)
  pando 3 pandere pandi pansus (passus) to open, to spread out
  pango 3 pangere panxi (pegi/pepigi) panctus (pactus) make, compose, sing
  panis 3-i M panis panium   m. bread, loaf of bread
  pannus 2 N panni     n. cloth, piece of cloth, (pl.) baby clothes
  papa 1 M papae     m. Pope
  par 3 N paris     n. pair
  par 3 C paris     equal, like
  Paraclitus 2 N Paracliti     n. Paraclete, Helper, Holy Spirit
  Parasceves 1 F parascevae     f. (Day of) Preparation
  parco 3 parcere peperci (parsi) parsus spare, forbear, refrain from
  parens 3 C parentis     m/ f. parent
paro pario 3 parere peperi partus to beget, produce, bear, ceate
  pariter         equally, together
  paro 1 parare paravi paratus provide, prepare
  pars 3-i F partis partium   f. part, some
  particeps 3 C participis     partaker, sharer
  patior 3 D pati passus sum suffer, allow
  parvulus 1/2 parvula parvulum   little, small
  parvus 1/2 parva parvum   little, small
  Pascha 1 F Paschae     f. Passover, Pesach, Pasch; Easter
  paschalis 3 C paschale     of Easter, Paschal
  pasco 3 pascere pavi pastus feed
  passim         throughout; far and wide
  passio 3 F passionis     f. suffering, passion
  pastor 3 M pastoris     m. shepard, pastor
  pater 3 M patris     m. father
  paternus 1/2 paterna paternum   of a father, paternal
  patientia 1 F patientiae     f. permission
  patria 1 F patriae     f. native land, country
  patronus 2 M patroni     m. defender, advocate
  pauci 1/2 paucae pauca   pl. few, a few
  paululum         a little, a short distance
  paulus 1/2 paula paulum   little, small
  Paulus 2 M Pauli     m. Paul
  pauper 3 C pauperis     poor, not wealthy
  paveo 2 pavere pavi tremble with fear
  pax 3 F pacis     f. harmoney, peace
  peccator 3 M peccatoris     m. sinner
  peccatum 2 N peccati     n. sin
  pecco 1 peccare peccavi peccatus sin
  pectus 3 N pectoris     n. breast,  heart; feeling, soul, mind
pello pello 3 pellere pepuli pulsus drive out
  pendeo 3 pendere pependi hang, depend
  penetro 1 penetrare penetravi penetratus pierce, penetrate
  per         (prep. + acc.) through
  perago 3 peragere peregi peractus accomplish, perform, complete
capio percipio 3-io percipere percepi perceptus partake in
  percutio 3 percutere percussi percussus strike
-do perdo 3 perdere perdidi perditus to lose; to destroy
duco perduco 3 perducere perduxi perductus lead through, bring to
  peregrinans 3 peregrinantis     travelling; (foreign) traveller, pilgrim
  perennis 3 C perenne     eternal
  perenniter         (adv.) constantly, perennially
eo pereo EO perire perivi (perii) peritus perish, die, be lost
  perfectus 1/2 perfecta perfectum   perfect
fero perfero X perferre pertuli perlatus carry through, carry up
facio perficio 3-io perficere perfeci perfectus do completely, finish, accomplish
  perforo 1 perforare perforavi perforatus pierce
habeo perhibeo 2 perhibere perhibui perhibitus hold out, produce, afford
maneo permaneo 2 permanere permansi permansus remain, continue
mitto permitto 3 permittere permisi permissus allow, permit (+ dat. and inf.)
  perpetuo         uninterruptedly, perpetually
  perpetuus 1/2 perpetua perpetuum   everlasting, perpetual
sequor persequor 3 D persequi persecutus sum pursue, track down, persecute
  persevero 1 perseverare perseveravi perseveratus continue, persist, persevere
sono persono 1 personare personui (personavi) personitus (personatus) to proclaim, resound
eo pertranseo EO pertransire pertransivi (pertansii) pertransitus go all about, go away, pierce
ungo ungo 3 ungere unxi unctus anoint/rub (w/oil/unguent); smear with oil/grease; dress (food w/oil); add oil
venio pervenio 4 pervenire perveni perventus arrive, attain
  pes 3 M pedis     m. foot
  peto 3 petere petivi (petii) petitus ask (for), entreat
  petra 1 F petrae     f. rock
  Petrus 2 M Petri     m. Peter
  Phase X       undeclined nuter noun: Passover
  piaculum 2 N piaculi     n. sin, crime
  pietas 3 F pietatis     f. goodness, tenderness, pity
  pius 1/2 pia pium   holy, loving, tender
  placeo 2 placere placui placitus please, be pleasing to
  placet (placeo) 2 placere – (placui) placitus est it is pleasing
  placo 1 placare placavi placatus appease, reconcile
  plaga 1 F plagae     f. blow, strike
  planctus 4 M planctus     m. mourning
  plango 3 plangere planxi planctus bewail, bemoan
  plebs 3 F plebis     f. people
  plecto 3 plectere plexi plexus braid, weave
  plenitudo 3 F plenitudinis     f. fullness
  plenus 1/2 plena plenum   (+ abl.) full (of)
  ploro 1 plorare ploravi ploratus bewail, lament, weep
  poena 1 F poenae     f. pain, punishmnet, penalty
  polus 2 M poli     m. sky
  pomum 2 N pomi     n. fruit (of any kind)
  pondus 3 N ponderis     n. weight, burden
pono pono 3 ponere posui positus put, place, set
  pontifex 3 M pontificis     m. chief priest
  Pontius Pilatus 2 M Pontii Pilati     m. Pontius Pilate, Pilate
  pontus 2 N ponti     n. the deep sea
  populus 2 M populi     m. people
  porta 1 F portae     f. gate
  porto 1 portare portavi portatus carry
  portus 4 M portus     m. haven, harbor
  posco 3 poscere poposci ask, beseech
esse possum BE posse potui be able, can (+ inf.)
  post         (prep. + acc.) after, behind
  postea         (adv.) afterwards, later on
  posteaquam         after
  postis 3-i M postis postium   m. doorpost
  postquam         after
  postulo 1 postulare postulavi postulatus ask (for), pray for, require
  potens 3 C potentis     powerful (in), having power (over)
  potestas 3 F potestatis     f. power, authority
  potus 1/2 pota potum   drunk
  potus 4 M potus     m. drink
  prae         (prep. + abl.) before, in preference to; in comparison with; in consequence of, because of
cedo praecedo 3 praecedere praecessi praecessus go before, lead the way
cillo praecello 3 praecellere excel, surpass
  praeceptum 2 N praecepti     n. lesson, precept, command
capio praecipio 3-io praecipere praecepi praeceptus command, instruct, teach
  praecipue         particularly
  praecipuo         foremost
  praeclarus 1/2 praeclara praeclarum   very beautiful, splendid, illustrious
  praeco 3 M praeconis     m. proclaimer, herald
  praeconium 2 N praeconii     n. praise, proclamation
  praeda 1 F praedae     f. spoils, booty
dico 1 praedico 1 praedicare praedicavi praedicatus preach, proclaim
dico 3 praedico 3 praedicere praedixi praedictus say earlier, foretell, predict
  praedium 2 N praedii     n. piece of land, estate
eo praeeo EO praeire praeivi (praeii) praeitus go before
  praefatio 3 F praefationis     f. preface
figuro praefiguro 1 praefigurare praefiguravi praefiguratus prefigure
  praegnans 3 C praegnantis     adj. pregnant
  praemium 2 N praemii     n. reward
munio praemunio 4 praemunire praemunivi praemunitus fortify, make safe
nosco praenosco 3 praenoscere praenovi praenotus know beforehand, foreknow
paro praeparo 1 praeparare praeparavi praeparatus prepare
  praesepium 2 N praesepii     n. manger, feeding trough
  praesertim         especially
  praeses 3 C praesidis     m/f. president, governor, procurator
signo praesigno 1 praesignare praesignavi praesignatus foreshadow, prefigure
sto praesto 1 praestare praestiti/praestavi praestatus/praestitus to bestow; to accomplish
  praestolor 1 D praestolari praestolatus sum wait for
  praeter         (prep. + acc.) except; beyond, past
  praetorium 2 N praetorii     n. praetorium (Roman headquarers)
  praevius 1/2 praevia praevium   leading the way
  precor 1 D precari precatus sum ask, pray
premo premo 3 premere pressi pressus press (upon), oppess
  pretiosus 1/2 pretiosa pretiosum   precious
  pretium 2 N pretii     n. price, ransom
  prex 3 F precis     f. entreaty, prayer
  primogenitus 1/2 primogenita primogenitum   first-born
  primum         (adv.) (at) first
  primus 1/2 prima primum   first
  princeps 3 M principis     m. chief, prince
  principium 2 N principii     n. beginning
  prius         earlier, prerviously, first
  priusquam         before that, first (of two actions)
  pro         (prep. + abl.) in front of; on behalf of, for; instead of, on behalf of
  pro eo quod         because
cedo procedo 3 procedere processi processus go forth, proceed
cado procido 3 procidere procidi fall forward
  proditor 3 proditoris     m. betrayer
eo proeo EO proire proivi (proii) proitus go forth
  profecto         completely
fero profero X proferre protuli prolatus bring forth, bring forward
facio proficio 3 proficere profeci profectus make, accomplish, effect
  profiteor 2 D profieri professus sum declare, profess
  progenies 5 F progeniei     f. generation, age
  proinde         accordingly, Hence
jacio projicio 2 projicere projeci projectus cast forth, throw down
  proles 3 F prolis     f. offspring
  promissum 2 N promissi     n. promise
  promo 3 promere prompsi promptus bring forth
  promptus 1/2 prompta promptum   willing, ready, eager
  prope         near
  propheta 1 F prophetae     m. prophet
  prophetissa 1 F prophetissae     f. prophetess
  prophetizo 1 prophetizare prophetizavi prophetizatus be a prophet, play the prophet
  propheto 1 prophetare prophetavi prophetatus prophesy, foretell
  propitius 1/2 propitia propitium   kind, favorable, propitious
pono propono 3 proponere proposui propositus set before, propose
  propter         (prep. + acc.) on account of, because of
sequor prosequor 3 D prosequi prosecutus sum proceed (with), go through (with)
esse prosum BE prodesse profui avail, profit, be advantageous (to)
  protectio 3 F protectionis     f. protection
  protinus         immediately
  protoplastus 1/2 protoplasta protoplastum   first-formed
venio provenio 4 provenire proveni proventus come forth, pass on
  proximus 1/2 proxima proximum   (+ dat.) nearest; (subst.) neighbor
  prudenter         prudently
  prudentia 1 F prudentiae     f. insight, wisdom, way of thinking
  psalmista 1 F psalmistae     m. psalmist
  psalmus 2 M psalmi     m. psalm
  pudicus 1/2 pudica pudicum   modest, chaste
  puer 3 M pueri     m. boy, child, servant
  puerlilis 3 C puerlile     youthful
  puerpera 1 F puerperae     f. woman in labor
  pugillaria 1 F pugillarium     pl. m. writing-tablets
  pulchre         beautifully
  pullus 2 M pulli     m. young (of a bull)
  purgatio 3 F purgationis     f. purification
  purgo 1 purgare purgavi purgatus purify, purge
  purpura 1 F purpurae     f. purple, purple cloth
  purus 1/2 pura purum   clean, pure
  pusillum 2 N pusilli     n. a little (while)
puto puto 1 putare putavi putatus think, reckon
  Q         Q
quaero quaero 3 quaerere quaesivi quaesitus seek , ask for
quaero quaeso 3 quaesere ancient spelling: beg, ask, ask for, seek
quaero quaesumus 3 (= quaerimus)     ancient spelling: we beg
  qualis 3 C quale     (of) what kind (of)
  qualiter         how
  quam         how, how much, as …as possible, than
  quamquam         (subord. conj.) although
  quamvis         whomever you wish, although, however much
  quando         (interrog. adv.) when?
  quantus 1/2 quanta quantum   how much, how great
  quapropter         wherefore, and therefore
  quare         (interrog. adv.) for what reason, why?
  quasi         as if, as it were, about
  quattuor # quartus -a -um quaterni -ae -a   undeclined #: four
  quem propter         on account of which/whom
  quemadmodum         in what matter, just as
  qui         (adv) how?; how so; in what way
  Qui quoniam         and because they
  qui   quae quod   (1. interrog. adj.; 2. rel. pron.) 1. which?, what?, 2. who, which, that
  quia         (subord. conj.) that; because
  quibuscum         with whom
  quicumque   quaecumque quodcumque   whichever, whoever, whatever
  quid         why, how?, wherefore?
  quidam   quaedam quiddam   (indef. pron.) a certain one, a certain thing
  quidam   quaedam quoddam   (indef. adj.) a certain
  quidem         indeed, at any rate
  quidpiam   quaepiam quodpiam   some, a certain
  quies 3 F quietis     f. rest, peace, quiet
  quilibet   quaelibet quodlibet   w/qui-anyone; -whatever; what you will; no matter which
  quinque # quintus -a -um quini -ae -a, quinquie(n)s   five
  quis   quid     who, what, someone, something, anyone, anything
  quisqam   quaequam quidquam   anyone, anything
  quisquis   quaequae quidquid   whosoever, whatsoever
  quo         (to) where
  quo .. eo         the (more) … the (more)
  quocum         with whom
  quod         1. because 2. that, which, 3. adv. with respect to which
  quod si         but if
  quomodo         in what manner?, how?
  quondam         once
  quoniam         (subord. conj.) that, because
  quoque         likewise/besides, not only
  quoties         everytime, how often
  quum         1. when 2. with, amid, under (abl)
  R         R
  radius 2 M radii     m. ray
  ramus 2 M rami     m. branch, bough
  ratio 3 F rationis     f. reckoning, account, plan, rule, way, reason, reasoning
  reapse         indeed
cedo recedo 3 recedere recessi recessus go back, depart
  recens 3 C recentis     new, recent
capio recipio 3-io recipere recepi receptus take back, regain
-clino reclino 1 reclinare reclinavi reclinatus lean back, recline
colo 3 recolo 3 recolere recolui recultus call to mind, contemplate, recall
  reconciliatio 3 F reconcilitationis     f. restoration, reconciliation
  recordor 1 D recordari recordatus sum remember
  recta         straightaway
  recte         vertically; rightly, well
  rector 3 M rectoris     m. captain
cumbo recumbo 3 recumbere recubui recline at table
do reddo 3 reddere reddidi redditus give back, render
  redemptio 3 F redemptionis     f. deliverance, redemption
  redemptor 3 M redemptoris     m. one who buys back, redeemer
eo redeo EO redire redivi (redii) reditus go back, return
emo redimo 3 redimere redemi redemptus buy back, redeem
fero refero X referre rettuli relatus bring back ,yield, render, report
facio reficio 3 reficere refeci refectus refresh, repair
  refrigerium 2 N refrigerii     n. rest; relief; cooling; consolation
fulgeo refulgeo 2 refulgere refulsi shine brightly, gleam
fundo refundo 3 refundere refudi refusus pour back, restore, pay back
  regina 1 F reginae     f. queen
  regio 3 F regionis     f. country, region
  regno 1 regnare regnavi regnatus rule, reign
  regnum 2 N regni     n. kingdom, rule
rego rego 3 regere rexi rectus rule, guide, govern
gradior regredior 3 D regredi regressus sum go back, return
linquo relinquo 3 relinquere reliqui relictus leave (behind), abandon
maneo remaneo 3 remanere remansi remansus be left, remain
  remissio 3 F remissionis     f. forgiveness, remission
mitto remitto 3 remittere remisi remissus send back, forgive
pello repello 3 repellere repuli repulsus cast off, overcome
  repente         suddenly
-pleo repleo 3 replere replevi repletus fill, complete
  repletio 3 F repletionis     f. filling up
pono repono 3 reponere reposui repositus put back, replace, lay aside, bury
praesento repraesento 1 repraesentare repraesentavi repraesentatus represent
  requies 5 F requiei     f. rest
quiesco requiesco 3 requiescere requievi requietus rest oneself
quaero requiro 3 requirere requisivi requisitus seek, require
  res 5 F rei     f. thing
specio respicio 3-io respicere respexi respectus to look at, regard, watch
spondeo respondeo 2 respondere respondi responsus answer, respond (to)
  responsum 2 N responsi     n. answer, response
sto resto 1 restare restiti to remain (behind)
  resulto 1 resultare resultavi resultatus resound, rebound
surgo / rego resurgo 3 resurgere resurrexi resurrectus rise up again
  resurrectio 3 F resurrectionis     f. rising again, resurrection
suscito resuscito 1 resuscitare resuscitavi resuscitatus reawaken, rise up again
  reum mortis         deserving of death
  reus 1/2 rea reum   adj. liable to (penalty of); guilty
  reus 2 M rei     m. one liable for punishment
velo revelo 1 revelare revelavi revelatus show, reveal
vertor revertor 3 D reverti reversus sum return
  rex 3 M regis     m. king
  rigidus 1/2 rigida rigidum   adj. hard, rough
  rigo 1 rigare rigavi rigatus wet, irrigate
  rigor 3 M rigoris     m. stiffness
  rite         duly, properly
  ritus 4 M ritus     m. ceremony, rite
  robur 3 N roboris     n. strength
rogo rogo 1 rogare rogavi rogatus ask (for), pray, bessech
  Roma 1 F Romae     f. Rome
  Romanus 1/2 Romana Romanum   Roman
  rubeo 2 rubere be red, blush
  ruber 1/2 rubra rubrum   red
  ruina 1 F ruinae     f. fall, destruction
ruo ruo 3 ruere rui rutus rush, fall, go to ruin
  rursum         again
  rursus         turned back, backward; on the contrary/other hand, in return, in turn, again
  rutilo 1 rutilare rutilavi rutilatus redden, make reddish; have a reddish glow
  S         S
  Sabaoth X       (Hebrew indecl pl. noun) armies, hosts
  sabbatum 2 N sabbati     n. Sabbath
  sacer 1/2 sacra sacrum   holy, sacred
  sacerdos 3 M sacerdotis     m. priest
  sacerdotium 2 N sacerdotii     n. priesthood, priestly duties
  sacramentum 2 N sacramenti     n. sacrament
  sacrarium 2 N sacrarii     n. sacred place, sanctuary
  sacrificium 2 N sacrificii     n. sacrifice
sacro sacro 1 sacrare sacravi sacratus make holy, consecrate
  saeculum 2 N saeculi     n. age, world;  century
  saepe         (adv.) often
  salus 3 F salutis     f. safety, health, salvation
  salutare 3 N salutaris salutarium   n. salvation
  salutaris 3 C salutare     saving, of salvation
  salutatio 3 F salutationis     f. greeting
  salutifer 1/2 salutifera salutiferum   salutary, saving
  saluto 1 salutare salutavi salutatus greet
  salvator 3 M salvatoris     m. savior
  salve!         adv. hail!, farewell!, hello!, goodbye!, greetings!
  salvo 1 salvare salvavi salvatus save
  salvus 1/2 salva salvum   safe, saved, sound
  sancitas 3 F sancitatis     f. holiness
  sancrosanctus 1/2 sancrosancta sancrosanctum   most holy, venerable
  sanctificatio 3 F sanctificationis     f. holiness, holy mistery
  sanctifico 1 sanctificare sanctificavi sanctificatus make holy, sanctify
  sanctus 1/2 sancta sanctum   hallowed, holy; (subst.) saint
  sanguis 3 M sanguinis     m. blood (in general), family
  sano 1 sanare sanavi sanatus heal
  sapientia 1 F sapientiae     f. wisdom
  sartago 3 F sartaginis     f. frying pan
  satio 1 satiare satiavi satiatus nourish, satisfy
  satis X       (indecl. noun) enough of (+ partitive gen.); (indecl. adj.) enough; (adv.) enough, sufficiently
  saucius 1/2 saucia saucium   wounded
  scalpo 3 scalpere scalpsi scalptus scrape, scratch
  scandalizo 1 scandalizare scandalizavi scandalizatus make stumble
  scando 3 scandere scandi scansus climb, mount
  scelus 3 N sceleris     n. crime, sin
  scientia 1 F scientiae     f. knowledge
  scilicet         certainly
  scindo 3 scindere scidi scissus tear, rend
eo / scio scio 4 / EO scire scivi scitus know
  scissura 1 F scissurae     f. tearing, rending
  scl.         (=scilicet) of course
  scriba 1 F scribae     f. scribe, one versed in Jewish law
  scribo 3 scribere scripsi scriptus to write
  scriptura 1 F scripturae     f. writing, scripture
  secretum 2 N secreti     n. secret, mystery
  secretus 1/2 secreta secretum   secret
  Secundo         secondly,
  secundum         (prep. + acc.) according to
  secundus 1/2 secunda secundum   next, second
  securitas 3 F securitatis     f. security, safety
  securus 1/2 secura securum   free from worry, safe
  sed         (coord. conj.) but, yet
  sedeo 2 sedere sedi sessus sit (down), be seated
  sedes 3 F sedis     f. place, seat
  seditio 3 F seditionis     f. revolt, uprising
  seditiosus 1/2 seditiosa seditiosum   seditious; rebel
duco seduco 3 seducere seduxi seductus deceive
grego segrego 1 segregare segregavi segregatus separate
  semel         once, one time, at some or any time
  semen 3 N seminis     n. seed, offspring
  semita 1 F semitae     f. path
  semper         (adv.) always
  sempiternus 1/2 sempiterna sempiternum   perpetual, everlasting
  senecta 1 F senectae     f. old age
  senex 3 C senis     old
  sensibilis 3 C sensibile     that can be perceived by the senses, sensibility
  sensus 4 M sensus     m. feeling, sense; understanding, mind
  sentio 4 sentire sensi sensus feel, perceive
paro separo 1 separare separavi separatus separate
  sepelio 4 sepelire sepelivi (sepelii) sepultus bury
  septem         seven
  septenarius 1/2 septenaria septenarium   having seven
  septiformis 3 C septiformis septiforme   sevenfold
  sepulcrum 2 N sepulcri     n. sepulcher
  sequestro 1 sequestrare sequestravi sequestratus remove, separate
  sequor 3 D sequi secutus sum follow
  serenus 1/2 serena serenum   bright, serene
  sermo 3 M sermonis     m. talk, speech
  sero         late
  servilis 3 C servile     of a slave or servant
  servio 4 servire servivi (servii) servitus serve, comply with
  servo 1 servare servavi servatus keep, preserve
  servus 2 M servi     m. servant, slave
  seu         or if
  seu … seu         if … or if, whether … or
  sextus 1/2 sexta sextum   sixth
  si         (subord. conj.) if; whether
  sic         thus, so, as follows
  siccus 1/2 sicca siccum   dry
  sicera 1 F sicerae     f. an intoxicating drink, hard liquor
  sicut         like, as
  sicut … et         (just) as .. (so) too
  sidus 3 N sideris     n. star, constellation
  significo 1 significare significatus   signify
  signum 2 N signi     n. sign, miracle
  silentium 2 N silentii     n. silence
  silva 1 F silvae     f. forest
  simils 3 C simile similior -or -us simillimus -a -um like, similar to
  simpliciter         plainly
  simul ac         as soon as
  simul         together, at the same time
  sincerus 1/2 sincera sincerum   clean, pure, uninjured, whole; sound, genuine, truthful, candid, sincere
      sincerior sincerior sincerius
      sincerissimus sincerissima sincerissimum
  sindon 3 F sindonis     f. linen cloth, muslin
  sine         (prep. + abl.) without
  sine causa         in vain
  singularis 3 C singulare     singular, unique, extraordinary
  singulariter         singly, particularly
  singulus 1/2 singula singulum   each one
  sinite 3 (sino, sinere, sivi, situs)   wait!
sto / sisto sisto 3 sistere steti (stiti) status stand, be, become, stop, set up
  sive         or if (seu)
  sive … sive         if … or if, whether … or
  socio 1 sociare sociavi sociatus share in ally
  socius 2 M socii     m. companion, ally
  sodalis 3-i M sodalis sodalium   m. companion, associate
  sol 3 M solis     m. sun
  solatiu 2 N solatii     n. solace, comfort
  solemnis 3 C solemne     solemn, customary/traditional
  soleo 3 solere solitus sum be accustomed
  solor 1 D solari solatus sum console, comfort
  solus 1/2 sola solum   only, alone
  solvo 3 solvere solvi solutus set free; break up; pay back
  somnolentus 1/2 somnolenta somnolentum   given to sleep, sleepy
  somnus 2 M somni     m. sleep
sono sono 1 sonare sonui sonitus to (make a) sound {late}
  sonorus 1/2 sonora sonorum   loud, resounding
  sonus 2 M soni     m. sound
  sordes 3 F sordis     f. filth
  sordidus 1/2 sordida sordidum   dirty
  sors 3 F sortis     f. lot
  spargo 3 spargere sparsi sparsus sprinkle
  spatium 2 N spatii     n. space
  specialis 3 C speciale     special
  species 5 F speciei     f. appearance, kind, type, beauty
  specio 3 specere spexi spectus to look (at)
  spero 1 sperare speravi speratus hope (for), wait (for), trust
  spes 5 F spei     f. hope
  spina 1 F spinae     f. thorn
  spineus 1/2 spinea spineum   of thorns
  spiritualis 3 C spirituale     spritual, of the spirit
  spiritus 4 M spiritus     m. breath, spirit
spiro spiro 1 spirare spiravi spiratus breathe
  splendor 3 M splendoris     m. brilliance, splendor
  spongia 1 F spongiae     f. sponge
  spons 3 F spontis     f. free will
  statera 1 F staterae     f. balance, scales
  statim         (adv.) immediately, at once
  statuo 3 statuere statui statutus establish, appoint, determine
  statura 1 F staturae     f. stature
  status 4 F status     m. state, condition
  stella 1 N stellae     mixed gender. star
  sterilis 3 C sterile     sterile, barren
  stipes 3 M stipitis     m. log, post
sto sto 1 stare steti status to stand (still)
  strenue         briskly, promptly
  strictus 1/2 stricta strictum   drawn together, tight, severe, strict
struo struo 3 struere struxi structus build
  studium 2 N studii     n. enthusiasm, zeal
  stupeo 2 stupere stupui be stunned, be astonished
  suavis 3 C suave     sweet
  suavitas 3 F suavitatis     f. sweetness
  sub         (prep. 1. + acc.; 2. + abl.) 1. (to a place) under, 2. (in or at a place) under
  subditus 1/2 subdita subditum   subject, submissive
  subdo 3 subdere subdidi subditus to put under, put after, subject
eo subeo EO subire subivi (subii) subitus go under, submit to, climb
  subito         (adv.) suddenly
jacio subjicio 3 subjicere subjeci subjectus subjugate, subordinate, make subject, expose
mitto submitto 3 submittere submisi submissus send; cast; put
sisto subsisto 3 subsistere substiti halt, stand; cause to stop
  substantia 1 F substantiae     f. nature, substance
  substantialiter         substantially; essentially
venio subvenio 4 subvenire subveni subventus come upon, assist, come to help
  successor 3 M successoris     m. successor
curro succurro 3 succurrere succucurri (succurri) succursus run to the aid of, aid, succor
facio sufficio 3 sufficere suffeci suffectus be enough, be sufficient
  suum 2 N sui     noun. oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves
esse sum BE esse fui futurus be, exist
  summus 1/2 summa summum   highest, chief
sumo sumo 3 sumere sumpsi sumptus take, obtain
suo suo 3 suere sui sutus sew together/up, stitch
  sumptio 3 F sumptionis     f. taking
  super         (prep. 1. + acc.; 2. + abl.) 1. above, upon; over, 2. about, concerning
  superbus 1/2 superba superbum   proud, haughty
  supernus 1/2 superna supernum   heavenly, celestial
  supersubstantialis 3 C supersubstantiale     life-sustaining
venio supervenio 4 supervenire superveni superventus come upon, overtake, come up, arrive
  supplementum 2 N supplementi     n. reinforcement
  supplex 3 supplicis     suppliant
  supplicium 2 N supplicii     n. torture, pain
  supplico 1 supplicare supplicavi supplicatus (humbly) beseech
  supra         over
surgo / rego surgo 3 surgere surrexi surrectus rise up, arise
  sursum         on high, upward
capio suscipio 3 suscipere suscepi susceptus to take up, pick up; to accept
  suscito 1 suscitare suscitavi suscitatus awaken, rise up
tineo sustineo 2 sustinere sustinui sustentus hold up, uphold, sustain
  suus 1/2 sua suum   adj. one’s (own)
  synagoga 1 F synagogae     f. congregation, synagogue
  T         T
  taceo 3 tacere tacui tacitus be silent
  taedeo 2 taedere taedui taesus be distressed
  talis 3 C tale     such, of such a sort
  tam         so, to such a degree
  tamen         nevertheless
  tamquam         as
  tango 3 tangere tetigi tactus touch
  tanto … quanto         the (more) … the more
  tantum         such,only
  tantus … quantus         as much … as
  tantus 1/2 tanta tantum   so much, so great
  tardo 1 tardare tardavi tardatus delay, loiter
  Tartarus 2 M Tartari     m. the Underworld, Hell
  tectum 2 N tecti     n. roof, house
  tego 3 tegere texi tectus cover
  tellus 3 F telluris     f. earth
  temperies 5 F temperiei     f. tempting
  templum 2 N templi     n. temple, church
  temporalis 3 C temporale     temporal
  tempus 3 N temporis     n. time
tendo tendo 3 tendere tetendi tentus (tentus) stretch, extend
  tenebrae 1 F tenebrarum     f pl. darkness, gloom
teneo teneo 2 tenere tenui tentus hold, keep, possess, arrest
  tentatio 3 F tentationis     f. temptation, trial
  terminus 2 M termini     m. limit, boundary
  terra 1 F terrae     f. earth, land, ground
  terrenus 1/2 terrena terrenum   earthly
  tertius 1/2 tertia tertium   third
  testamentum 2 N testamenti     n. covenant, testament
  testificor 1 D testificari testificatus sum testify (to)
  testimonium 2 N testimonii     n. witness, testamony
  testis 3 M testis testium   m. witness
  testor 1 D testari testatus sum bear witness, give evidence of, witness
  thema 3 N thematis     n. subject, theme
  thronus 2 M throni     m. throne
  timeo 2 timere timui fear, be afraid (of)
  timor 3 M timoris     m. fear
  timoratus 1/2 timorata timoratum   God-fearing, devout, reverent
  titulus 2 M tituli     n. inscription, public notice
fero / tollo tollo 2 tollere sustuli sublatus take away, lift up, take up
  tormentum 2 N tormentii     n. torture, torment
  toties #       adv. so many times
  totus 1/2 tota totum   all, the whole
  traditor 3 M traditoris     m. betrayer
trado trado 3 tradere tradidi traditus give over, hand down, betray
traho traho 3 trahere traxi tractus draw, drag, lead
  tralaticius 1/2 tralaticia tralaticium   traditional
  tranquillus 1/2 tranquilla tranquillum   peaceful, tranquil
  trans         (prep. + acc.) across
eo transeo EO transire transivi (transii) transitus go across, pass through, pass away
  tremo 3 tremere tremui tremble (at), quake (at)
  tremor 3 M tremoris     m. trembling
  tribus 4 F tribus     f. tribe
  triduum 2 N tridui     n. a three-day period
  trini # 1/2 trinae trina   pl. #: three together
  Trinitas 3 F Trinitatis     f. Trinity
  tristis 3 C triste     sad, sorrowful, gloomy
  triumphus 2 M triumphi     m. triumph
  tropaeum 2 N tropaei     n. trophy, victory
  tu   tui     you
  tuam ipsius         your own
  tuba 1 F tubae     f. trumpet
  tueor 2 D tueri tuitus sum watch, protect, uphold
  tunc         (adv.) then, at that time
  tunica 1 F tunicae     f. tunic, robe
  turba 1 F turbae     f. crowd, multitude
  turbo 1 turbare turbavi turbatus disturb, throw into confusion
  turtur 3 M turturis     m. turtle dove
  tutor 1 tutare tutavi tutatus protect, preserve
  tutus 1/2 tuta tutum   safe
  tuus 1/2 tua tuum   your, yours (sing)
  U         U
  ubi         (interrog. adv.) where?
  ubique         (subord. conj.) when, as soon as; (relative adv.) where, in which place
  ubvis         (adv.) everywhere, anywhere
  ulcerosus 1/2 ulcerosa ulcerosum   full of sores
  ulna 1 F ulnae     f. arm
  ultimus 1/2 ultima ultimum   last, final
  ultio 3 F ultionis     f. punishing, avenging
  umbra 1 F umbrae     f. shadow, shade
  una         (adv.) together
  unctio 3 F unctionis     f. ointment, balm
  unda 1 F undae     f. wave, water
  unde         from where
  undique         on all sides
  unicus 1/2 unica unicum   only, sole
  unigenitus 1/2 unigenita unigenitum   only begotten, only
  unitas 3 F unitatis     f. unity
  universitas 3 F universitatis     f. the whole, the world
  universum 2 N universi     n. universe
  universus 1/2 universa universum   all, the whole
  unus 1/2 una unum   one, a, and
  urbs 3-i F urbis urbium   f. city
  urgeo 2 urgere ursi urge
  usque         as far as, all the way
  usque ad         even to, up to, all the way to
  usurpatio 3 F usurpationis     f. use
  usurpo 1 usurpare usurpavi usurpatus seize upon, usurp; use
  ut         (subord. conj.) when, as, in order that …, that, that … not
  ut primum         as soon as
  ut quid         as to what?, to what purpose?, why?
  ut quis         in order that  (purpose clause)
  uterque 1/2 utraque utrumque   each (of two), both
  uterus 2 M uteri     m. belly, womb
  uthic         for example
  uti         in order that (conj)
  utilitas 3 F utilitatis     f. benefit, profit, good
  utique         certainly, by all means, at any rate
  utor 3 D uti usus sum use, enjoy, be friends with
  uxor 3 F uxoris     f. wife
  V         V
  vacillo 1 vacillare vacillavi vacillatus waver, doubt
  vado 2 vadere vasi go, walk, hurry
  vagio 4 vagire vagavi cry (said of an infant)
  vah         ha!
  valde         very
  valde         greatly, very (much)
  valeo 2 valere valui be well, be strong, be able (+inf.)
  vel         even, actually
  vel         or (if you prefer)
  vel … vel …         either … or …
  velo 1 velare velavi velatus cover
  velum 2 N veli     n. curtain
  velut         as, like
  venero 1 venerare veneravi veneratus worship, venerate
  veneror 1 D venerari veneratus sum worship, venerate
  venia 1 F veniae     f. indulgence, kindness
venio venio 4 venire veni ventus come
  venter 3 M ventris     m. belly, womb (vulva)
  verber 3 N verberis     n. lash, scourging
  verbero 1 verberare verberavi verberatus beat
  verbum 2 N verbi     n. word
  vere         (adv.) truly
  veritas 3 F veritatis     f. truth
  vero         indeed, but indeed
  verto 3 vertere verti versus turn, change, alter; overthrow, destroy
  Verum         truly, truth
  verus 1/2 vera verum   true
  vespera 1 F versperae     f. evening
  vespertinus 1/2 vespertina vespertinum   (of) evening
  vester 1/2 vestra vestrum   your, yours (pl.)
  vestigium 2 N vestigii     n. footstep
  vestimentum 2 N vestimenti     n. garment, (pl.) clothes
  vestio 4 vestire vestivi (vestii) vestitus clothe
  vestis 3-i F vestis vestium   f. garment, clothing
  veto 1 vetare vetui (vetavi) vetitus (vetatus) forbid
  vetus 3 M veteris     old, ancient, former
  vetustas 3 F vetustatis     f. old age, antiquity
  vexillum 2 N vexilli     n. flag, standard, banner
  via 1 F viae     f. way, road, street
  vians 3-i M viantis viantium   m. traveler
  viator 3 M viatoris viatorum   m. traveler
  vicarius 2 M vicarii     m. vicar
  vicinus 1/2 vicina vicinum   neighboring
  vicinus 2 M vicini     m. neighbor
  vicissim         in turn, again
  victima 1 F victimae     f. victim, sacrificial offering
  victor 3 M vertoris     m. conquerer, victor
  victoria 1 F victoriae     f. victory
  videlicet         of course (scilicet: of course)
  video 2 videre vidi visus see; realize
  videor 2 videri visus sum be seen, seem
  vidua 1 F viduae     f. window
  vigilia 1 F vigilae     f. a watch
  vigilo 1 vigilare vigilavi vigilatus stay awake
  villa 1 F villae     f. farm, country, village
  vincio 4 vincire vinxi vinctus bind
  vinco 2 vincere vici victus overcome, conquer
  vinculum 2 N vinculi     n. bond, chain
  vinum 2 N vini     n. wine
  vir 2 M viri     m. man, husband
  virginalis 3 C virginale     virginal, of a virgin
  virgo 3 F virginis     f. virgin
  virtus 3 F virtutis     f. excellence, virtue, power, strength, (pl.) miracles
  vis 3 F viris (pl) vires virium strength (bodily) (pl.), force, power
  vis 3 F vis     sig. only: f. strength; force, power
  viscera misericordiae         bowels of compassion
  viscera 3 N viscerum     pl. n. entrails, insides
  visibilis 3 C visibilis visibile   tangible, visible
  visio 3 F visionis     f. vision
  visito 1 visitare visitavi visitatus visit
  vita 1 F vitae     f. life
  vitalis 3 C vitale     life-giving, vital
  vitis 3 F vitis vitium   f. vine, grapewine
  vitium 2 N vitii     n. fault, sin, vice
  vito 1 vitare vitavi vitatus avoid
  vivifico 1 vivificare vivificavi vivificatus bring to life, make live
  vivo 3 vivere vixi victus live
  vivus 1/2 viva vivum   living, alive
  vix         scarcely, not easily
  voco 1 vocare vocavi vocatus call, invite
  volo X velle volui want, wish, be willing
  voluntarius 1/2 voluntaria voluntarium   voluntary
  voluntas 3 F voluntatis     f. will
  votum 2 N voti     n. vow, prayer
  vox 3 F vocis     f. sound, voice
  vulgo         commonly
  vulnero 1 vulnerare vulneravi vulneratus to wound
  vultus 4 M vultus     m. face
  vulva 1 F vulvae     f. womb