Fall 2020 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church After-School Program

Welcome to the Fall 2020 Offerings of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and Afterschool

We are in unprecedented times – times of change, upheaval and uncertainty. We at Holy Trinity strive to be a place of peace, comfort, familiarity and stability in these uncertain times. We are offering a number of programs to support you and your family and hope that you will be able to utilize these programs to help your family and children navigate the changes.

Please look through the different options that are available. We invite you to contact Vicky at afterschool@htlcms.org or call/text at (626) 343-6760 if you have any questions or fill out the attached registration form. Also, please contact us if there are specific prayer requests so that the program and the church may be praying for you and your family.

The programs listed below are subject to change. Due to the nature of the COVID-19 emergency, it seems that regulations change daily. We want to work with your family to insure 100% safety of your child and our staff, so we do follow the guidelines of the Los Angeles County Department of Health, Los Angeles County Department of Education and the Center for Disease Control.

On-Site Educational Supervision and Day Care

This program is designed to assist specifically the essential worker families of the community. Students will be placed into a small, self-contained group on campus. They will receive ample time to participate in their HLPUSD (or other district) class. They will receive supplemental assistance by trained teachers.

This program will be offered Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. Additional childcare may be available.

On-Site After School Daycare



This program is designed to help support students and families by providing child care from 3:00 – 6:30 each day, Monday through Friday.  Transportation from certain schools is available for an additional fee.

ONLINE: Online Tutoring

These classes are offered completely online and pair up a student with a trained teacher. Teachers will be able to focus on the specific needs of each student and work on curriculum provided by their public school teacher or enrichment material provided by Holy Trinity After-School.






ONLINE Classes

These classes are small groups of students (Less than 10) that receive several hours of direct instruction daily.  They will learn Reading Comprehension strategies, Mathematics, Writing, Science and Social Studies.  The classes are taught by highly trained teachers and utilize a variety programs online to insure advanced achievement of grade level skills.

On-Site Day Care

After-School Program

Online Tutoring

Online Instruction